5 reasons why you should head to seychelles

Here are 5 reasons why you should head to Seychelles for a quick getaway

Seychelles holidays
Seychelles holidays

1. Close proximity to India with direct flights (4hrs 10mins) 5 times a week from Mumbai with convenient timings allowing tourist to utilise both day of arrival in and departure from Seychelles for activities and sightseeing

2. The islands are outside the cyclone zone and are blessed with almost perfect climate throughout the year allowing one to enjoy any and every activity whenever they visit the islands

Seychelles tour
Seychelles tour

3. Easy hopping between islands which are diverse yet in close proximity to each other with good ferry and domestic flight services between them. The islands offer a range of exciting activities including diving, snorkelling, water sports, sailing and yachting, hiking and trekking, tours to nature reserves, marine parks, private lush gardens, rum distillery and much more

4. Untouched and unspoilt beaches adorned with powdery white sand and impossibly smooth granitic boulders rising from stunning azure waters often voted among the best in the world. Anse Lazio on Praslin Island and Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue Island consistently voted as the most beautiful and most photographed in the world respectively.


5. Visa on arrival and gratis

The beauty of taking a long weekend holiday is that you can enjoy a reasonably long holiday but do not have to fret about your boss approving your leave application. Though not well endowed as last year, 2016 has 13 extended weekends giving you 13 opportunities to escape to Seychelles with your loved ones.

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