Self planned travel to Sri Lanka

Self-planned travel to Sri Lanka

Srilanka Tour
Srilanka Tour


As I promised in an antecedent article, in this commodity we will allocation about visiting Sri Lanka. For admonition on a aces Ceylon can be calmly begin on Wikipedia. But we are absorbed in Sri Lanka, in agreement of the self-traveler, Sri Lanka tour Package

We accustomed in Colombo (capital of Sri Lanka) from Male by SriLankan airlines. The flight did not yield a connected time; it was something about 2 hours.

On board, we fed abundant ailing – it was some abstruse acceptable bun with stuffing.

In the Colombo airport, we anesthetized community ascendancy and concluded up in the arrivals area. I wish to acquaint self-travelers, to appointment this country you will acceptable charge a visa. Acceptance to Sri Lanka provided in cyber Holiday architecture and can be calmly ordered at the Government of Sri Lanka.

My preparation is to change an ample bulk of money at the airport, or to use abandoned ATMs for abandonment by claimed funds. Sri Lanka, admitting added affable than India, but be careful, artifice still present.

I planned our cruise to Sri Lanka not a connected time. In general, I had abandoned 2 canicule to plan Travel to Sri Lanka through the Maldives. Maldives and Sri Lanka Tour

The Capital of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya_lion_gate  Colombo Bentota Package

In my view, Sri Lanka was agnate to India, so I apprehend to see on the streets of anarchic movement of elephants, the tuk tuk’s and the people. None of this I discovered.

Colombo – is an actual ample city, it is simple to get lost. We bent a tuk tuk and assertively to eat. We asked the disciplinarian to yield us to the bargain restaurant so that we can aftertaste the bounded cuisine.

The disciplinarian took us to a restaurant “Gallery”. If you avenue the tuk tuk, I anon accomplished that this restaurant is hardly bargain institutionalized – as it affronted out. The disciplinarian took us to one of the a lot of big-ticket restaurants in town. In the restaurant we approved the 100% European cuisine. I cannot say that I was unhappy, but we paid the restaurant about $ 100 and not actual sentimentalize ate.

This was not the aboriginal ambush of the tuk tuk drivers. If abrogation the restaurant, we bent a new driver. We asked him to yield us to the center.

That’s breadth the fun begins…

The disciplinarian started to align our cruise forced, a few account later, he absitively to appearance us all the architect of the city. We asked several times to stop his tuk tuk, but he did not wish to accept to us.

The disciplinarian bound went in the altered directions, bouncing his easily and decrepit something incomprehensible. We saw a park, and I durably asked the disciplinarian to stop.

After stopping, the disciplinarian asked me a ample sum. If I asked, for what I accept to pay? He said – you accept to pay for the excursion. I accept connected argued with the driver, in the end gave him the bulk which is beneath than 10 times (than he asked), and we got out of the fat from the tuk tuk taxi.

Park in Colombo
Park in Colombo

Park in Colombo

The esplanade was amid in foreground of the building, which was evocative of the U.S. White House.

White Abode in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Different discovery, sri lanka heritage tour

Inside the esplanade was absolutely beautiful. Anon in foreground of the esplanade for us met addition bounded man who absitively to accomplish us the additional compulsatory excursion. I anticipation connected and implored him to leave us alone, but he did not calm down, he showed us ID agriculturalist and artlessly connected to beg for money. I was actual affronted and asked to leave us abandoned in asperous form.

I like the esplanade in Colombo, I admired the park. Everywhere there were altered kinds of approach trees, aerial birds and bats, storks go abreast people. This absolute account adequate and gave inspiration.

Bentota, Sri Lanka
Bentota, Sri Lanka

Stork is walking in a esplanade Colombo, Sri Lanka, The fruits of approach copse in the esplanade camp Colombo, Sri Lanka, We absolved through the esplanade and absitively to go shopping.

Shopping in Colombo

Shopping in Colombo
Shopping in Colombo

My wife by advancing for a cruise apprehend that in Sri Lanka there are factories accepted brands of accouterment and even begin one of those aliment breadth the clothes on the bargain you can buy.

Shopping in Colombo tour
Shopping in Colombo tour

I bent a taxi. I anon told him breadth we go and how abundant money I’ll pay him and we went shopping. Frankly, I was rather agnostic about affairs things inscribed in an Asian country, but if I got to the mall, I accept afflicted my opinion.There was aggregate in a Arcade center: D & G, Versace, Gucci, Boss Hugo Boss, Armani, Dsquared, and still abounding added brands.I will not focus on that – whether it is absolutely a absolute brand, or it was a fake, I can say abandoned one affair – the above of things has been just amazing.As far as I know, in Sri Lanka, 10 or 15% of the articles of acclaimed brands should abide in the country. Abounding things accept been cut labels, which accepted my acceptance that things still were not fake. I accurately advised the apparel Boss Hugo Boss and Armani; they were not abandoned branded labels, but aswell abounding beam centralized base and even branch stamps. Believe it or not, but the Italians bought clothes there accomplished bag.

I bare some summer clothes, so I bought a brace of shirts, T-shirts, pond trunks, shorts, what’s there to tell, forth with a clothing from Ermenegildo Zegna)))

In the end, we bought two huge accoutrements of clothes and even a lot of the “right” things.

After the shopping, we went to the hotel. We capital to banquet acceptable Sri Lankan food, but afresh we did not. We performed in the auberge restaurant, breadth we dined in the aforementioned 80-100 dollars.

On the way to Bentota


The next day we had to biking to the Bentota Resort. For the accomplishing of this cruise we had two options:


1. Travel by taxi
2. Go by train

I absitively to go by alternation to be added extreme, on the one duke and a appropriate in agreement of the absolute adventurer with another.

We bent a tuk tuk, download our huge accoutrements into it and went to the station.

Railway Station Colombo

Railway Station Colombo


On the way to the station, the disciplinarian of the tuk tuk warned us that the base – it is not a safe abode for us and we charge to accumulate clue of things and were actual careful.

I absitively to buy capital tickets, as I accept that we are in Sri Lanka – it is about India and the alternation will be, to put it mildly, not actual comfortable.

Once central the abuse station, I accomplished that I was in a cine (the activity of filming a movie, in the future, does not leave me for the absolute cruise to Sri Lanka).

Railway station in Colombo

The base was old, bedraggled and actual strange, but it was fine. The account I saw at the base was like a blur in a alternation of “Indiana Jones.” All the base was an old, aberrant and interesting.

We went out to the platform. I’ve been lugging suitcases, so I capital to drink. But I could not leave my wife at the base with a agglomeration of suitcases. Luckily, we met with two tourists from Germany, who attentive agreed to attending afterwards my wife. I bought the baptize and alternate to the platform.

We stood for a moment on the belvedere and all of a abrupt I saw one bounded man, after-effects his duke at me. At aboriginal I did not accept why he does it, but I anon saw a huge army bounded humans rushed to the bend of the platform.

As the alternation pulled up to the belvedere and did not even stop, the locals started to jump on it and get into the alternation through the window!

And afresh I accomplished that I will never see my “first class”)))

My suspicions accept not been bamboozled – our seats were occupied. The abandoned abode that remained on the alternation was on the aisle, abreast the toilet! It is “this place” we stood the accomplished trip. An developed brace of tourists from Austria abutting to our company. Our absolute aggregation of 6 humans was self-travelers and “our place” was abreast the toilet.

Off topic:

Dear Friends, I accept that if I had appointed a bout to Sri Lanka at a biking agency, I would not be in this situation, but, on the added duke – it’s interesting! Abandoned self-travel planning can be accessed in assorted funny situations and even get amusement from it

So, all the connected way to Bentota we stood on our feet. Legs tired, capital to sit, but the options were not. I had to break in place, as I accept to accumulate my wife and our things, besides, we were in acceptable aggregation of Germans and Austrians and we had to allocution about.

We are advantageous in the actuality that our adolescent travelers Austrians backward in Bentota, so that they could appearance us the way to the hotel.Railway Station Colombo

Bentota Resort

Frankly, if it were not for our Austrian adolescent travelers, I would never accept accepted our stop. We got off at the base “Bentota.” At the station, did not even accept signs. The base was battered and there was no one there!

We descended from the belvedere and confused in the administration of the hotel.

I forgot to say, in our description, the Austrians came to the cessation that we reside in the aforementioned hotel. In convenience it was not. My wife was a little advanced with the Austrians and me abandoned with four huge accouterments trailed behind. We went up to the hotel, breadth the Austrians backward and asked the bouncer – breadth is our hotel? The bouncer articular to the coffer and we went to him. We wandered about the beach, but we could not acquisition our hotel. Finally, we went anon to the beach. I already fell off my feet. I’m annoyed of just boring accouterments on the beach, and finally, we begin our hotel.

Our first few hours at the Wunder bar

Wunder bar Srilanka

No one was cat-and-mouse for us at the hotel. In a baby summer abode sat several bounded residents, or agents – at the time it was not clear. I began to appearance the agenda, I began allurement breadth the accession desk. One of the locals just got up and led us to a Hotels room.

The allowance was just huge, accustomed the actuality that I book a accepted room. Although the description has been accounting that breadth of the allowance is abandoned 20 aboveboard meters, it seemed abundant longer, possibly because of five-meter ceilings. My activity is, I still would bulk allowance admeasurement of 30-35 aboveboard meters (Perhaps we were accustomed a above room, as the Hotels was empty.)

The allowance had a huge terrace, about 12 aboveboard meters, the accuracy instead of a bath, shower, or rather just a shower.

Member of agents brought us adulatory drinks, but to allocution about the transaction and analysis us at the Resorts so no one wanted.

Wunderbar Hotel Overview

«Wunderbar» – this is added than a Resorts– it is a clandestine alcazar with bedfellow apartment and its own turtle acreage (Read the commodity Turtle Acreage in Wunder Bar Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka). It was about 12-15 absolute Resorts rooms, respectively, for no added than 30-35 travelers, but we were there alone.

The Resort was small, but actual accurate territory, again, evocative of clandestine ownership. Next to the Hotels is the railway, but it would not aching one little bit.

Train abreast Wunderbar Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka

Directly abaft the railway was a clandestine beach. Added precisely, this was not even the coffer – it was a huge expanse. Appearance from the coffer at any point either ancillary went into the horizon. As a result, we were abandoned in a clandestine villa, we had 50 humans staff, a claimed pond basin and a appealing acceptable number.  I bathe in the basin in Wunderbar hotel, Bentota Resort, Sri Lanka, The fact, that we are abandoned in this auberge on the one duke happy, on the added scarecrow. The actuality is that we were consistently beneath surveillance. Agents are consistently active afterwards us, cleaned, abject us chaise-longue, fed My wife assuming in the Wunderbar luxury resorts pool, Bentota Resort, Sri Lanka Luxury Tour Packages

As for the food, it looked like this:

– May I accept the menu?

– You acquaint me what you eat and we will cook!Shopping in Colombo6

Fruit in Wunderbar Restaurant, Bentota

Consequently, the agents satisfies all our desires, but I accomplished that in all that accept to pay.

Within 5 days, I was aggravating to acquisition the buyer and to pay at atomic for the Luxury Hotels room. All my searches accept failed.

In the end, I still begin the buyer and told him absolutely that I wish to pay for the room. Buyer connected resisted, but I still talked. As it affronted out was not in vain!

I took out a coffer agenda and gave the owner. The buyer suffered a agenda to the terminal and told with a beeline face – NO MONEY!

At this point, I absolutely got scared, because I knew that if my agenda is blocked, afresh I can break in this paradise forever…

As a precaution, I aggregate my account bulk by 2 and put the money on 2 cards acceptance to altered banks. The additional agenda was activated and I calmed down. find More about Srilanka Holidays packages at its a best travel agents in India.



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