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Travel Tips India  Holiday Packages in India

Travel Tips

Many years of my work as a professional tourist taxi driver in India and Nepal I drove more than one million km. without accident, during all this time I always discover and collect information from other places which is useful for any western tourist during their India travel. Here below is the list which will help you lot if you careful about all this:-

travel-tips-here Luxury Tours in India


A proper VISA to enter and stay in India & Nepal is a must. There are reported cases when travelers are advised non-requirement of Indian/Nepal VISA by their travel agents. Practically every foreign national requires VISA to enter these countries.

Do not encourage beggars.

Happy family with  suitcase  at studio isolated on white background
Happy family with suitcase at studio isolated on white background

Don’t assurance strangers with money. Assurance your hotel, but not humans you may bang into on the streets. Don’t action bribes to get any job done. Bribe-taking and bribe-giving are a accepted convenance in India but they are advised to acceleration up things or win a favor that you are not advantaged to. Plan able-bodied in advance. Use consultants or barter and industry associations. If you apprehend favors, let them appear changeless or not at all. Warn anyone (even in government) who asks you for a allurement that you would address him to the Anti-Corruption Bureau or the abutting police-station. If he persists, do it carefully so that he can be bent red-handed. Indian English has its own delights abnormally to foreigners of English nativity. Don’t appearance action at the altered Indian accents and best of words. This does not yield abroad from the actuality that abounding Indians allege and address bigger English than abounding built-in English speakers. It is appropriate to awning yourself with biking allowance for thefts, accident and medi-claim. Carry able maps of the places proposed to appointment in India/Nepal, as signboards are generally absent. Try to ability a base during daytime if traveling on your own. In any case abstain assiduous touts and taxi-drivers at airport/stations/bus angle to admonition you acquisition your hotel. Consistently use day-tripper abetment board for able advice.

Women traveling abandoned in assertive bare places should abstain walking at odd hours. While alteration money, assert on accepting encashment certificate. Do not checkout of the Hotels in hurry. While blockage out it has been noticed in some hotels, the account is foolishly answerable which the bedfellow agilely pays after cross-checking. Do not leave your banknote and backing in your Hotels rooms. Keep your banknote allotment in altered pockets. Yield affliction of able auctioning of your debris consistently whether you are exploring desert, or Himalayas or beaches or anywhere else. Don’t acquire offers of visiting anyone’s home unless you are assured of the person.

Always use able suitcases/baggage, as corruption is accepted at airports/stations. Don’t tip foolishly and unnecessarily in a hotel. The NEWS anon spreads in the Hotels and by the time you checkout there will be a accumulation of them saluting you to apprehend something. In Monsoon time abstain night break in the arid while you do biscuit safari. Most of the monuments accord actual acceptable abatement for acceptance from all over the world. They have to backpack there accurate academy character card.



Often trains and flights are accepting delayed and can be annulled at the endure moment afterwards any above-mentioned notice. Yesterday (25.2.16) it happens with one of my applicant from USA and they buzz me about this bearings from Jodhpur boondocks at 9.00pm and there abutting flight to States was just afterwards three hours, it was abhorrent bearings for both us. So it is consistently bigger to access one day afore to your abandonment destination to bolt your International flight. While traveling, don’t act confused. Keep a aspect of a being accepted to the region. If you are traveling in the trains again you may accept to assets your seats in advance, endure time it will be not so simple to get affirm bench reservation.Bus-travel

Buses are not as comfortable as trains.

Trains and buses are the best and cheapest advantage if you are traveling for added than one ages holidays. Be accurate about your baggage while you biking in alternation or in bus. Flight from Khajuraho to Varanasi is generally over appointed so try to get boarding canyon as anon as accessible contrarily they will accommodate your car for to go Varanasi. It is consistently bigger to access one hour afore appointed abandonment at the alternation base and one and bisected hour afore any calm flight. Consistently alternation and lock your baggage beneath your anchorage in a train. Don’t accumulate annihilation admired abreast the window. Consistently backpack affluence of water, fruits in trains. Alone woman adventurer may appeal to be accommodated abreast added women travelers. Don’t eat annihilation offered by adolescent travelers on alternation or alley travels. It ability accept sleeping pills. Consistently biking aloof chic in trains.

travel Tips
travel Tips  Luxury Train Tour in India


Cars are one of the best and safest ways to travel in India, if you are not traveling for months in India.   Make sure that your driver is trained for defensive driving and speak Basic English. As a driver you always have one person with you to help you and your luggage is always safe.  Always avoid driving at night on Indian highways, It is not recommended. Avoid self-driving in India unless you have been trained on Indian roads. If you feel not comfortable by the driving or he drives fast is always better to tell him to drive slow.

spiritual Travel in India
spiritual Travel in India  Pilgrimage Tours in India


Do not appointment places which animate orthodoxy, amusing abuse and barbaric practices (like visiting a sati temple). Politics can be advisedly discussed in India and a lot of humans will accept an assessment which they will not apperception getting contradicted. But abstain discussing religion. Abstain offers of airy conservancy and abracadabra remedies from saints, god men and quacks. There may be some spiritually animated humans in India, but there is no way you can analyze the 18-carat ones from the crooks. If you are actively absorbed in these aspects of India, yield advice from anyone you apperceive or appointment one of the admired airy organizations in India. Don’t anytime access a temple, mosque, tomb, dargah or Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) with shoes on and/or almost dressed. One should awning his/her arch with a bolt while in a Gurudwara or Dargah. Parikrama or walking about the atelier sanctorum should consistently be in clockwise direction. Also should use your abounding pantaloon.

FOOD & WATER  Golden Triangle Luxury Tours in India


ake affliction of contagion of baptize and aliment problem. Always alcohol safe mineral baptize and yield well-cooked food. Alcohol bottled baptize only. Even abounding Indians who accept lived out of India for a few years sometimes ache abdomen upsets on bubbler bounded tap water. If there is no another to tap water, ensure it is boiled. A lot of acclaimed cast is Bislery, Aqua Fina and Himalaya.

Avoid bistro cafe meals, even in big-ticket hotels. The aliment may become attenuated due to over-exposure If you are affairs from roadside stalls or hawkers, arrangement you must. Start by alms bisected the amount they ask for and achieve for 70 – 80 per cent. Don’t arrangement in able shops abnormally those that affectation “Fixed Price” signs: that will be apparent as bad manners. Never buy aliment from roadside stalls or adaptable canteens. Not that they are bad, but your arrangement may not be acclimatized to such delicacies and you ability end up spending added time in the loo than normal. Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Curry, Malai Kofta and Naan these are the a lot of acclaimed dishes eaten by western humans and they like them actual much. King fisher Lager buck is one of the a lot of accepted alcoholic drinks taken by any western tourist. Lassi & baptize is one of the a lot of accepted nonalcoholic drinks taken by any western tourist. Not alone alcohol bottled baptize aswell besom teeth with it. If active amid cities, accept your auberge backpack a cafeteria for the road.

south-india tour
south-india tour Kerala Tour Packages


Participating in a amusing break or visiting a home requires bourgeois dress codes. Do not agitate easily with ladies. Always aces up a affair and eat with your appropriate hand. Take alone as abundant as you can eat, do not leave annihilation extra over the dish. Do not point your feel at any person. It is taken as a assurance of annoyance. Be accurate of cultural and amusing sensitivities of the regions. There is no individual aphorism for that, the best way is to beam and follow. The “NAMASTAY” is a bounded anatomy of greeting. It involves the abutting of your award as during adoration in abbey – well, not exactly, but it can canyon (in church, the two thumbs are crossed, in the Indian “NAMASTAY” , the thumbs accompany but abide alongside to anniversary other: this is alone for advice as the aberration is not arresting to the being in foreground of you).

If you acquisition the adult is not extending a duke shake, go for the “NAMASTAY” , Even with men, the “NAMASTAY” can be an accomplished little PR gimmick! Chase it up with a “AAP KAISE HAIN” (how are you?) and you accept torn the aboriginal block of ice if one there was!  If somebody has arrive you home for dinner, backpack with you a box of sweets or at atomic a amber bar for the kid. Many Indians are in the addiction of afraid their arch in the advance of chat or demography instructions. Don’t appearance action if you attestant thi

Don’t photograph women without permission.

SOLO-TRAVEL-TIPS  Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Indian weddings are one of the most famous social ceremony liked by western people.


Avoid staying Kashmir in the life-threatening north as well as areas in the exciting north-east. Foreigners, especially West Europeans and Americans, are at risk to hostage-taking by radicals in those areas. The rest of India is safe haven for everybody.

olanka-travels-sri-lanka-tour-colombo-9Never argue strongly with anybody.

You should not become complicated with drugs of any kind. Disadvantages for possession of downer substances can be severe. There is a slightest sentence of six months for tenure of small amounts for personal consumption only.


You should keep a photocopy of your passport, Indian visa and flight ticket separate from the originals when travelling. This will save you much inconvenience and time if your documents are lost or stolen. We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. You should check any exclusion, and that your policy covers you for all the activities you want to undertake. See the General (Insurance) section of this advice and Travel Insurance for more details.


Indian Customs administration at the airport stop one applicant of abundance from Spain, Her name was Lionor Mendoza, because they were accustomed some Auer Vedic Medicines ( Herbal), which they bought from one of the Aurveda Message resort from South of India. So if anyone buy such affectionate of things have to ask and be abiding if they can backpack with them or not to their home.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Golden Triangle Tour Packages


You are not permissible to take following stuffs while visiting “TAJ MAHAL” because os safety reasons, like cigarettes, hand bags, any palatable things, matches box, litre, Mobile phones, torch, knife, gun and many other related small things which can harmful for Taj, people or environment.

By mistake if you are having any of these items then they have the locker facility just outside the gate you have to deposit those things in the locker before to get in but often it is inconvenient for western people so better to leave all the things in the hotel or in the car with our


Majority of the humans anticipate that to absorb night in a abode baiter in Karela Back Waters is one of the a lot of memorable moments of their India Travel. Jaisalmer (The Thar Desert) is advised as one of the a lot of admirable and peaceful places of India. “Taj Mahal” at Agra is one of the a lot of visiting places in India. “Golden Temple” Amritsar is one of the a lot of absorbing monuments afterwards “Taj Mahal”. Varanasi (Ganges) is one of the towns which accord you a lot of arch feeling. Rajasthan, Kerala & Goa are one of the a lot of organized states for tourism

Nepal Tour
Nepal Tour Bhutan Tour Packages


To go Varanasi to Kathmandu ( Nepal):- Often flights are abounding from Varanasi to Nepal so to acquisition out new achievability I went to Nepal by alley from India. I already been abounding times with my car but it was consistently from Varanasi, this time I alpha from Jaipur (Rajasthan). It was admirable trip. People can go by alley to Nepal from Varanasi it’s absolutely easy Nepal Tours . Varanasi to Sanouli Border (Nepal) via Gorakhpur is about 300km 7hours drive.

spiritual Travel
spiritual Travel

To start early morning is recommended to avoid busy traffic hours.

Just afterwards get in Nepal you can beddy-bye in Lumbini or Chitvan National esplanade or if you accept abundant activity again be abide till Pokhara, just 160 km added through the Himalaya Mountains 4-5hours drive. This drive amid Nepal Bound to Pokhara is one of the a lot of admirable drives on the Himalaya Mountains. Kathmandu is 300km from Nepal bound by road. Travel adviser & absolute arena plan aggregation for India Tourism that gives you acclaimed Moments of INDIA Tourism. Golden Triangle Tour With Varanasi

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