Golden triangle tour package From Delhi

Golden triangle tour packages

Golden triangle tour packages
Golden triangle tour packages

Amongst the many vacation itineraries /holiday circuits available in India, the greatest popular itinerary would be the golden triangle tour packages; golden triangle tour package take in three destinations of cultural and historical significance, namely Agra, Jaipur and the capital city of India- New Delhi. The three cities are more or less equidistant from each other, which is where the name Golden Triangle has stemmed out of. The entire three capitals city is very diverse to each other yet has a separate flavor which bonds them all together. Here are a lot of explanations that this track is more prevalent than the other travel trips in India,

Golden triangle tour packages
Golden triangle luxury tour packages

some of these reasons can be listed as: The easy approachability between the three cities, Since of Delhi which has an international airport its very convenient for strangers to visit the area, Secondly the circuit is connected very well in terms of transport, airlines, buses and the train connections are easily available. Another cause could be sufficient availability of lodging in all the sections i.e. budget, standard, deluxe, luxury and the Premium. All the international luxury hotel brands have an attendance in this area. Also this travel circuit can be combined with other popular holiday destinations such as the temple towns of  Mathura , Brindawan or the bird sanctuary of Bharatpur , means that if the guest requirements a slightly long holiday with more starting point which have altered characters than the cities of Delhi ,Agra and Jaipur , there is always a possibility . The best time to visit the golden triangle tour package is when the high temperature is moderate or cool , usually in the months between July and April , For additional information on Golden Triangle tour packages call Swan Tours at 011-8287 000 333 or visit find best travel agents in Delhi India.


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