Guides of Bhutan Pre-Departure information


Aides of Bhutan handles the entire booking process in the interest of our visitors, including flights and visa applications however it is fitting to book well ahead of time to secure inn convenience and seats on Bhutan’s national carrier, Druk Air. We trust the accompanying handy manual for go to Bhutan answers most inquiries yet kindly do email us for further elucidation and the most recent data at

DRUK AIR works two Airbus319s amongst Bhutan and Bangkok (by means of Calcutta or Dhaka and Bodhgaya) and amongst Bhutan and Delhi (through Kathmandu). On receipt of installment for the full passage, our visitors will be sent a duplicate of their E-ticket by means of email. Druk Air’s arrangements apply and Guides Of Bhutan can’t discount tickets obtained for the benefit of our visitors. For a la mode flight calendars and rates please allude to the Druk Air site

Travel permits GOVERNMENT FEES and VISAS For any visit to the Kingdom of Bhutan all game plans (agenda, flights and visa) must be made through an authorized neighborhood visit administrator, for example, Guides Of Bhutan. It ordinarily takes 2 to 3 weeks to process visas yet under a few conditions, we can quicken the procedure.

To secure your booking we require the accompanying:

An examined duplicate of the photograph page of every visitor’s visa (legitimate for 6 months)

A finished duplicate of the visa shape (accessible for download from our site

Full installment is required no short of what one month before the date of travel (your monies are held by the Tourism Council of Bhutan until the excursion has been finished). Installment is completely refundable if composed cancelation is gotten 45 days preceding entry date.

For subtle elements, the most productive strategy for installment and additionally a duplicate of the visa frame please email us at

The Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan requires that each outside national (aside from Indian nationals) pay a Daily Government Royalty of US$65 dollars per individual every day (with the exception of in July and August when it is US$55 per individual every day), a FIT (Free Independent Traveler) additional charge of US$30 per individual every day is demanded for two individuals, which ascends to US$40 every day for single explorers, however for gatherings of at least 3 this expense is deferred. (If you don’t mind take note of that these are DAILY charges).

It is profoundly prescribed to bring loved ones (instead of go as a solitary individual or a couple) or to join a gathering flight to significantly decrease the trek cost per individual and keep away from the FIT extra charge.

Also, outside nationals (aside from Indian nationals) are required to pay a Visa Fee (nonrefundable) of US$20 per application (one name for every application), and a US$10 per individual Tourism Development Fund Fee (which is utilized to help Bhutan’s framework).

If you don’t mind NOTE All the above Government Fees and Royalties are incorporated into the cost of your comprehensive Adventure Package with Guides Of Bhutan.


On registration at the air terminal demand a seat on the left-hand side of the plane for the best mountain perspectives and the other way around on flight.

Visitors Flying by means of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport the Druk Air registration work area at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airplane terminal is at Row W at the furthest end of the concourse, to spare time request that your driver drop you at that end.

Visitors Flying by means of India All travelers traveling to and from Bhutan by means of Calcutta or Delhi must apply for an Indian Visa preceding their takeoff on the off chance that they expect to remain overnight – in the event that they stay in travel no Indian visa is required.

As Paro air terminal may be “sunlight limited” and absolutely reliant on climate, flights can once in a while be postponed. To be set up for such an occasion travelers ought to keep no less than 24 hours’ travel time for corresponding flights out of Paro and it is encouraged to convey fundamental individual things like prescriptions, money, records and so on in your grasp stuff.

Aides of Bhutan – Inspiring and Uplifting Adventures in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Hand Baggage Allowance Druk Air asks for that travelers restrain their hand stuff to one piece, the size not surpassing 45+35+20 cm (17 ½ +13 ½ +8 inches) and the weight not surpassing 5 kg (11lbs).

Checked Baggage Allowance:     Economy Class: 20 kg (44 lbs)      Business Class: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Wellbeing and SAFETY

THE EFFECTS OF ALTITUDE Though we are in the Himalaya, our schedule remains underneath the height where Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) may influence individuals. Be that as it may, it is still imperative to. Get in the most ideal shape you can before the trek Begin your experience healthy

Drink loads of water – more than you feel you have to

Eating is imperative – eating regimen ought to be high in starches and protein

Comprehend the idea of elevation acclimatization – relax for the initial few days and do whatever it takes not to overexert Recognize and never disregard the indications of height sickness – approach your guide for more subtle elements

Every one of our agendas are composed with simple days toward the begin with some turning out to be additionally testing towards the end, after acclimatization has happened.

Happiness Holiday Vacation in Bhutan

There are no statutory necessities unless you are touching base from a zone assigned as contaminated by cholera or yellow fever. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist for progressive data and in the event, that you are on any recommended pharmaceutical guarantee that you carry an adequate supply with you. As Bhutan is a remote nation we prompt that all visitors beyond 60 a year old or with a previous condition counsel their specialist about their venture arranges.

TRAVEL INSURANCE It is a condition for entering Bhutan that you convey confirmation of travel protection to cover medicinal and individual mishap dangers (counting repatriation costs, air emergency vehicle and helicopter safeguard administrations) and that you additionally take out cancelation protection. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that a few approaches confine scope or don’t cover go to Bhutan and may not cover exercises, for example, trekking and mountain biking.


The Bhutanese unit of coin is the Ngultrum and 1Nu = 100 Chetrum. The Ngultrum is pegged to the estimation of the Indian Rupee and on 25/10/2011 was justified regardless of the accompanying:

1 $US = 49.78 Nu              1 UK£ = 79.57 Nu             1 Euro = 69.37 Nu            1 $Sing = 39.35 Nu           1 Jap Yen = 0.65 Nu

Progressively organizations in Bhutan acknowledge Visas and there are outside cash trade administrations at a few lodgings and banks in addition to there are currently ATMs for guests’ utilization in Paro and Thimpu. It is prescribed that for miscellaneous items, beverages and gifts, past the capital that visitors convey a mix of trade or explorers looks at US Dollars and a charge card (AMEX card holders can encounter troubles).

Additional EXPENSES and SPENDING MONEY as Guides Of Bhutan offers comprehensive bundles, aside from additional exercises, beverages, tips, fundamental things and gifts, there is little else to spend your cash on. The selection of keepsakes is enhancing and incorporates materials, wooden painstaking work, artistic creations, petition banners, supplication wheels, supplication globules and extremely vivid stamps. Paro Market day is each Sunday and Thimpu Market (with its broad handiwork and ancient rarity area) opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Guests are encouraged to be mindful when buying old and utilized things. Traditions powers won’t permit any old/utilized things to be removed from the nation in the event that they have not been confirmed as non-collectible. In the event that you are uncertain please approach your guide for counsel.

Tips This is an absolutely individual matter as there is no custom of tipping in Bhutan obviously, any tips as money or outside apparel or apparatus are constantly extremely generally welcomed – giving, obviously, the level of administration you get is deserving of some extra reward.

Helpful INFO of BHUTAN Vacation

BUSINESS HOURS Saturday is the week by week three day weekend for all Government Offices and a few shops are shut however in the private segment the day away from work is Sunday. It would be ideal if you take note of that the National Museum is shut on Sundays and Mondays.

TOBACCO Bhutan has turned into world to ban the sale and consumption (in public) of tobacco. While guests can at present acquire cigarettes for their own particular utilize the things will pull in an obligation of 200%. Smoking in broad daylight ought to be kept away from.

Aides of Bhutan – Inspiring and Uplifting Adventures in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Web ACCESS Bhutan’s availability is enhancing by the day, with most PDAs working and remote associations accessible in Tourist Class lodgings however this reduces as you move eastwards past Punakha.

ELECTRICITY 220 volts AC from clean Hydro Electric plants. If you don’t mind pack an all-inclusive fitting connector as the kind of electrical attachments fluctuates the nation over.

LOCAL TIME Bhutan is 10 hours in front of New York, 6 hours in front of Greenwich Meantime with no light sparing, 30 minutes in front of India, 1 hour behind Thailand and 2 hours behind Tokyo.


Dzongkha is Bhutan’s legitimate dialect and there are incalculable lingos. Because of his Majesty the fourth King’s instruction strategy, English is broadly talked in shops and inns.

FOOD of Bhutanese dishes are rich and zesty with a lot of cheddar and bean stew. Do attempt the national dish called Ema Datse whose hotness can be decreased to guests’ tastes. Most visitors adhere to the Chinese, mainland or Indian food that is served in eateries and lodgings. There are dependably veggie lover alternatives in addition to momos (Tibetan dumplings) and mushrooms are served in plenitude (Bhutan is celebrated for delectable matsutake and chanterelle mushrooms).

CULTURAL ETIQUETTE All Bhutanese have a profound regard for religion, their senior citizens and the government. Their traditions are unpredictable and not effectively comprehended in a short visit to the nation however a decent general guideline is to take after fitting Western benchmarks of civility. Here are a few focuses to recall:

In the event that you might want to photo a Bhutanese individual, please ask them first


From   To   Distance Drive Time
Bagdogra (India)   Phuentsoling   170km 4hrs 30min
Phuentsoling   Paro   111km 5hrs 30min
Paro   Thimpu   65km 50min
Thimpu   Punakha   77km 3hrs 30min
Punakha   Wangdi Phodrang   13km 45min
Wangdi Phodrang   Trongsa   129km 4hrs 30min
Wangdi Phodrang   Gangte   65km 2hrs 30min
Trongsa   Bumthang   68km 2hrs 30min
Bumthang   Mongar   198km 7 hrs
Mongar   Lhuntshi   76km 3 hrs
Mongar   Trashigang   90km 4hrs
Trashigang   Chorten Kora   52km 1hr 30min
Trashigang   Samdrup Jongkhar   180km 6hrs 30min
travel map of Bhutan
travel map of Bhutan


Bhutan lies at an indistinguishable scope from Miami in the US so expect a lot of daylight – to be sure Bhutan is really a year-round goal for guests. The fluctuating elevations of the valleys in the Kingdom make for various microclimates eg. the low Punakha valley (1,200m) appreciates a sub-tropical atmosphere though the higher Gangte valley (2,900m) encounters solidifying temperatures all through the winter.

SPRING and AUTUMN (March to May and September to November)

Warm days and cool evenings (max 24ºC: min 2ºC), some shot of rain – Camping Trek Seasons (solidifying temps at high camps)

SUMMER (June to August)

Hot days and soothing evenings (max 26ºC: min 14ºC), shot of rain – Best Time for Flowers and Birdlife

WINTER (December to February)

Fresh, clear sunny days and cool dry evenings (max 20ºC: min – 4ºC) some shot of snow – Best Time for Mountain Views

Readiness and PACKING

Gear and CLOTHING As you can see the climate in Bhutan is not as outrageous as one may think, even in winter. Notwithstanding your ordinary every day garments, for our general undertakings (please observe the pressing records for overnight treks and full biking visits on the schedules), may we propose the accompanying things to carry with you:

Fundamental little rucksack; warm coat; solid boots or shoes with great soles; waterproof coat; shades; warm cap; sunhat; sunscreen; all-inclusive fitting connector; water bottle.

Suggested shorts for cycling and strolling; burn; bug repellent; lip ointment; wet wipes; inflatable pad for flights and auto ventures; iPod or comparative; earplugs; individual emergency treatment pack and an adequate supply of any solution you are taking. It is likewise prudent to pack a few treats from home like muesli bars, gloves and maybe warm clothing for winter nights and an extra battery for your camera. Photos or postcards of your town, home and family to show aides and local people dependably go down well.

Strolling CONDITIONS Our strolls and treks are for the most part on set up journey and town trails utilized by local people and ministers, and there are no especially troublesome segments, albeit a portion of the trails are steep and rough and can be sloppy and tricky after rain. Boots with lower leg support are prescribed and Guides Of Bhutan can supply strolling sticks. Any sensibly fit individual will altogether appreciate the strolls we have created in addition to riding horses can once in a while be employed for certain harder climbs. Your guide conveys additional mineral water, snacks and a far-reaching mountain medical aid unit at all times.

BIKING CONDITIONS Guides of Bhutan offer a scope of both on-street touring and go dirt road romping biking outings to suit all interests, capacities and time limitations. Our group has spearheaded many bicycle courses including anything from freewheeling down calm nation paths and wide homestead tracks for an evening, to epic multi day single-track difficulties. We have a scope of KONA and Trek mountain bicycles, head protectors and gloves so on the off chance that you are keen on biking with us please educate us regarding your tallness as quickly as time permits to secure a bicycle of your size. Your guide conveys additional mineral water, snacks, toolbox, imperative extras and a far-reaching mountain medical aid unit at all times and vehicle support is given wherever conceivable.

TRANSPORT and ROAD CONDITIONS Depending on the span of your gathering, for exchanges and visits we utilize little private minibusses and 4 x 4 vehicles, for example, Land Cruisers dependably with an assigned, experienced driver. There is not a solitary activity light in the whole nation and when all is said in done the all around voyaged streets around Paro and Thimpu are in great condition – there is even a twofold path thruway into the capital at this point. Far from the primary streets in the west you can anticipate that up will 17 twists for each kilometer lessening normal rates to somewhere around 30 and 50 kmh with falling apart street surfaces.


All Guides Of Bhutan Adventure Packages incorporate the accompanying components in the cost :

Bhutanese Government Visa Fees

Bhutanese Government Taxes and Royalties

Comprehensive of 10% Government deals impose and benefit charge at lodgings

Settlement on a full board premise all through (barring refreshments)

The selective administrations of an accomplished, English-speaking, Government-authorized, Buddhist, Guide of Bhutan Entry allows and expenses to all sanctuaries, historical centers and religious communities recorded in the schedule

Private transport all through including airplane terminal exchanges

All secretly guided visits and exercises included in your schedule (unless an extra charge is expressed) Complimentary mineral water on all outings

Bundle PRICE Guides Of Bhutan offers comprehensive bundles to suit a scope of spending plans and guidelines of convenience with standard gathering rates beginning from US$275 (approx UK£170) per individual every day to elite tailor made extravagance enterprises from US$550 (approx UK£345) per individual every day.


Settlement For our standard undertakings Guides Of Bhutan have chosen all around found, agreeable, to some degree provincial however enchanting traveler class lodgings and can likewise mastermind a night in a town house in specific areas. For the extravagance alternative we utilize the incredible Uma Paro, Uma Punakha, Taj and Aman five star inns and can blend and match measures of convenience to suit, for instance a few visitors want to sprinkle out on a touch of extravagance for their last night or two..

Individual INFORMATION If you have any extraordinary dietary solicitations, prior restorative conditions or fears in addition to any unique interests or vital festivals while you are with us please told us at time of booking.

Extra ACTIVITIES Throughout your stay you have the choice to take an interest in a scope of additional open air exercises (white water rafting, biking, hot stone shower and so forth) at an extra charge. Aides Of Bhutan additionally offers a full, proficient and educated bespoke administration for gatherings or people with a specific end goal to tailor an enterprise to their exceptional advantages, capacities, wishes and needs.


Air Tickets Passport

Visa for Bhutan

Duplicate of Travel Insurance record Cash as well as Travelers’ Checks

Recommended READING LIST


Fortunes of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Queen of Bhutan A charming mix of individual diary, history, old stories and travelog

Past the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan by Jamie Zeppa

Zeppa’s entrancing record of her time as a volunteer teacher in Bhutan

The Blessings of Bhutan (A Latitude 20 Book) by Russ and Blyth Carpenter

An individual and entrancing arrangement of expositions about the creators’ encounters and comprehension of Bhutanese life

As one of only a handful couple of Americans to have lived in Bhutan, Leaming offers an uncommon look into the particular mountain kingdom


The information in these notes is given in good faith, and covers the average range of conditions likely to be found on this trip. In remote destinations abnormal conditions can prevail at any time, and all adventurous holidays can therefore be subject to unexpected changes; in order to enjoy them we request that you be prepared to be flexible where necessary.

The country is rich both in history and in culture, it is bountiful in flora and fauna, and the place is an idyllic blend of mythology and modern art. This  Bhutan tour  packages it’s a leading travel agents in India, they are offers best Sri Lanka tour and holiday packages in India at discounted price. Book your Bhutan holiday package from India and make your trip memorable with

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