Some people say that the travel light is only for those who do not worry about fashion, style and hygiene. In addition, some say that those who do also have travelers on budget. Well, does not it make sense to make others feel that you do not have a lot of money and therefore you can stay away from the ability to rob or cease? But that is next to the point. I had the opportunity to travel alone in Asia and Europe (and good, sometimes with a companion) and on budget, but I traveled to destinations more than I planned.

Swan Tours Its leading travel agents in India They offers a wide range of opportunities, comfort, style and many more benefits you could ever imagine. I will walk you for a number of reasons, because I would rather travel the world, virtually everywhere, for an indefinite period, with no more than a single hand-printed bag.

If you are angry with anything challenging to travel with limited clothing and style, then this may be an option that will appreciate later.

By the way, I will use the words “cupboard” which I figuratively use for some large luggage; ‘Mailman’s bag’, that’s a wide bag with a long strap. It is made to carry over the body. It has a valve that has the upper opening and can be used for many situations, but is often used as a bag for carrying school books; and LCC, which stands for cheap airlines offering affordable rates but no fringe airlines like Indian airlines, Jet Airways. IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, JetLite, Air India Express, Bluejet, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Air Asia, etc.


Hassle-free: Over packing tops the list of biggest travel errors. Aside from the fact that you need more effort to get those “cupboards” everywhere, you spend your day in exhaustion and surely you will not enjoy your trip at all.

The Good Things: With a greatly reduced need to check luggage, you are less likely to lose your belongings to theft, damage, wrong or just misplacing them anywhere at the airport. Additionally, you do not need to interrogate security for possible trafficking.

Savings: Perhaps one of the main concerns about the travel budget (I’m sure you would agree). Yes, no matter how much money you carry if you do not plan ahead, more likely you would spend some assistance on other people or pay more for a transport to meet all your possessions. This is probably a reason why you would rather stay in a bedroom and in a hotel.

The Good Things: If you only have one sufficient bag, you do not have to pay porters or storage costs. The only reason why the luggage facility at most of the major airports is going well is because of those who travel with luggage, as they move home from home. You can also take public transport such as buses, trams, trains or even to the city center, instead of taking taxis and limousines. Everything brings you to an intimate and more promising contact with the locals you meet on your trip.

Flexibility: Arriving at an airport with your cabinets can be one of the most common scenarios. With too much hand, the thought of managing your luggage may completely destroy your planned vacation or you can spend too much time and miss your connections.

The Good Things: Lesser things mean more mobility, giving you more travel options. You cannot arrive to the airport as soon as all you have to do is check your bag and go directly or, at LCC, you must go straight to your designated port. You can proudly write down the trains, trams and buses. You can also switch to an earlier flight if your ticket allows. Ultimately, you can leave the airport as soon as you leave. You do not have to wait for an hour on the carousel.

Serenity: The bottom line is travel light is the more effort-free way to go. You have more time because the packaging costs little. You waste less energy to get your stuff. You know what you have and how much, so you cannot easily lose your belongings or be a baggage for some nonsense unscrupulous people. Foreign travel in particular can be very stressful because it is unknown and unpredictable. In addition to investigating information about your destination, you need to consider many factors, such as security, security, accommodation and weather.

But then again, the light traveler always comes from a solid, clear foundation with less unnecessary things to worry about.

Ecologically friendly: I do not think this subject alone, because it is very informative but also very ecologically friendly. With all the brief reasons I have provided, one would never suspect that in the long run the travel cot might only be the better way to protect the motherland. Funny but true.

The Good Things: if you need less stuff, there is less to produce. Less use of vehicles and other machines to move things around, so less fuel for vehicles. Less greenhouse gas production. Less damage to our heavenly home and greater chance that emerging generations are around to make some light on themselves, making the world a better place to live.


Plan ahead. Know your destination. Apart from knowing which tourist spots and accommodation properties, check weather forecasts too, so you would know what to wear and types of clothing you want to bring.

Pack Light And Get Smart. You cannot be stupid (everything in the sense of talagan), something dangerous, like knives, boxes, scissors, and lighters or large amounts of liquids or gels in your carry bag. Please note that the countries of the European Union have at least 100 ml per type of liquid and up to 1 liter per person. Now I leave my Swiss Legmesie home, bring smaller bottles of toiletries, and just carry my bag as usual. You can take a whole range of knives or big bottle of shampoo to Europe any way – but you need to check your bag. Grab after yan.

Restrictions for Airlines. Be aware that many airlines have additional (and often changing) restrictions on the number, size and weight of the carrying cases. Restrictions may vary from airport to airport, even on the same airline. Check your airline’s website (or read the fine print on your e-ticket) for details.

A Sample of My Shopping Bag 

Clockwise: my mailman’s bag, a folder with all my documents (online tickets, hotel reservations, passport), laptop, 6×8 inch vacuum packed clothes (you will not believe but contain 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 hankeys , 2 boxers and a few slacks), toiletries kit, guidebook and camera.

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