The Top Ten Of Budget Travel Destinations In Asia

Asia has always been an excellent destination for students and adventurers with a gap-year, thanks to the blooming backpack culture and the cheap lifestyle. Cities like Bangkok and Hanoi have long been recognized as places where the dollar becomes acrobatic in its ability to increase its value, but it seems that travelers today can travel more and spend less on some elementary informal planning. Quality in Asia does not always have a price, making it easy to really enjoy the adventure.


  1. Pokhara, Nepal

As a backpacker paradise, Pokhara has a huge range of budget, mid-range and premium hotel choices. The vast amount of outdoor activities also make it possible to adjust a cost-effective stay. The city is a leap for many trips, but there are still other options for the great adventure. Paddle to the centre of Phewa Lake and drift off the day, watch the sunrise from the Sarangkot hilltop and watch Davi’s Fall, a beautiful waterfall. Street food costs only cents, and a more delicious dinner costs you about US $ 4.

Vientiane, Laos

  1. Vientiane, Laos

The Laotian capital is more like a sleepy town on the river than the political center of a country, but it contributes to its charm. The capital is largely accessible or can easily be crossed by cheap bicycle rental. Unlike the Vang Vieng, filled with many strangers, the capital does not really have the high-priced tourist prices. In fact, a day to roam, a nice meal and a few beers along the river should hardly bring you a few dollars. Excitement is definitely not the name of the game, but because it is so affordable, why would you like to?

  1. Sapa, Vietnam

Vietnam as a whole is a haven to save money. The country is home to the world’s cheapest beer, hi bia, and it takes almost more effort to learn how to order it in Vietnamese than to pay it. In Sapa, rent a motorbike for the day for about US $ 5 to find out what. Sapa is also an ideal location because it is in the center of some of Vietnam’s best landscapes. Take the engine and find Silver Waterfall, one of the many markets or nearby villages. In winter, costs are also down, because the entry fee is cheaper than in summer.

  1. Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is packed with temples, pagodas and stoepas and comes practically with a watertight course. Renting a bike to explore the landscaped landscape is the cheapest way to spend a day, which will compensate US $ 300 for sunrise in a hot air balloon above the temples. Another way to see the sights is by horse and carriage, which is relatively a total purchase price of about US $ 20. Like most of Asia, food and drinks are scary.

  1. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

For a really cheap stay, spend the entire time on the beach and just eat street dishes. And while that is the paradise of some people, it will not do much more to charge the bank account. Many guesthouses offer boat trips to the nearby islands for less than US $ 20, or it is possible to rent any kind of kayak to party trips for cheap. Answer the adventure call with a 4×4 excursion or learn windsurfing without decorating the sofa and relaxing with a strict diet of cheap beer and beautiful sunsets.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand’s capital remains cheap and cheerful, but it is the north of the country that really fulfills the wanderlust and a tight fist. Even splashing in a hotel does not necessarily mean a broken budget. Cheap eats a lot, and the evening markets are also portfolio-friendly. In Chiang Mai there are an abundance of free or crazy cheap things to do, many with a touch of adrenaline. Cliff jump, go zorbing, or ride an elephant for nothing or next to it, and then relax in the hot springs or with a massage in the women’s jail.

Sri-Lanka Honeymoon tour
  1. Sri Lanka

Yala National Park is one of the more expensive ways to spend a day in Sri Lanka, where the entrance fee, jeep rental and driver tip will cost you about US $ 30. The emphasis on natural beauty and old sites keeps even the most restful inhabited. Visit a turtle nursery, go on elephant walk, climb Adam’s Peak and see all eight world heritage sites. Taking the train is not only attractive to visitors to a local way of life, but it is also a very cheap way of traveling. Off the beach hang of course the cheapest way to laze away a vacation, and eating endless amounts of curry keep stomachs and wallets full.

  1. Bohol, the Philippines

The Philippines is a country of cheap pleasures. Even places like Palawan and Boracay, which are no secret to mass tourists, stay easy cheap. Bohol is remarkable because of its nature, made by man, such as the mahogany forest, or of course, as the unnaturally sighted chocolate hills. Crossing the old bamboo suspension bridge costs a few pounds, and the Tarsier Sanctuary is an unforgettable, short experience.

  1. Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia tends to stay on must-see lists, but the country is cheap and beautiful, and the food is delicious, with a trifecta of reasons to visit. Penang offers a dazzling mix of cultures, architecture and food so that all visitors definitely find something that fits their budget. Must-see museums such as the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion cost only US $ 4 for a tour, while climbing Penang Hill or the Temple of Supreme Bliss is free. The wide range of culinary delights, whether it’s street stalls, Little India or local pastry shops, keep belly and wallet happy?

  1. Taipei, Taiwan

Perhaps because of his low reputation, Taipei is not often recognized for the cheap paradise that it is. While taxis and hotels can be more expensive than the other places on this list, the food and shopping really matter. The endless evening markets offer a way to spoil you with eye-catching consumption and transport your face cheaply. The metro costs are also incredibly reasonable, replenishing around US $ 2. The city includes all international comfort from home at a great price scale, perfect blending convenience and excitement.

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