Mobile is the M ….?

All contaminated by bacteria in the stool? Almost: 16% of mobile phones are based on a study in the United Kingdom on 390 cell phone samples. That’s 1 in 6. Yours maybe! So why are they as dirty as the toilet bowl?

92% of laptops harbor bacteria

And it’s not necessarily so bad. All bacteria are not abnormal. However 18% of its carriers of staphylococci and 16% of mobiles, 1 in 6 serves as a refuge for colibacilli (or Escherichia coli), sweet name bacteria in the colon, rectum, anus and stool that out. Yum !

Phones agglutinate microbes present on our hands

The phone is held in the hand when we speak, when we take a picture, when we surf the Internet or send a text message. So, all the germs on your hands cling to the phone … and multiply. The mobile is often warm, because it heats or because it is in a pocket against the body. And the heat boosts the multiplication of microbes.

How do stool microbes come into your hands?

At the level of the anus, we wipe when we go to the toilet (at least we hope ;-))! With paper. Yes but sometimes there are slippages. And the stool sticks to the hands. Most often invisibly, in the form of small particles. And if we do not wash our hands or not, we keep a little memory of the passage to the toilet. We catch the phone and he is tattooed with E. coli.

How microbes also arrive on phones?

Because phones are falling in the toilet. And sometimes they still work (yes, if), but less clean! You have at least 2 or 3 mates to whom it happened …

What to do for a nickel phone?

Always wash your hands after using the toilet, and immediately before leaving the toilet if there is a sink. Otherwise, the door handle is contaminated.
Wash your hands with soap because it is essential to eliminate bacteria. In water, it does not help much.
Wash your hands long enough, the palm, between your fingers and nails to make it really effective. Wipe with warm air or with a disposable paper towel. Otherwise, we contaminate each other! And do not call when we are at the WC …

Sources : Mobile phone contamination in the United Kingdom and hands revealed (14 October 2011) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London Press Release.

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