The exceptional features of the phone are clear in theory but are not helpful.

refurbished lg phones

A few years ago, LG for Mobile World Congress introduced one of the craziest devices I have ever seen in my life. With a little precision, it could be detached from the bottom of the G5 and exchanged for a high quality camera controller or DAC audio converter. The idea did not last long, but she talked about the types of risks that the company was willing to take to build (which seemed at least) winning.

I now bring the G5, years later, because it was ambitious and interesting, as most smartphones were not before. With LG’s new $ 820 Thin G8, this unorthodox thought is once again proven. Of course, it’s basically the same thing as any other expensive smartphone this year, that is, without doubling it by half. But there are some extra tips here that you will not find anywhere else, and they are interesting enough in the newspaper for LG’s flagship product to gain points again for its ambition. However, ambition without worrying about the ease of use is the perfect recipe for disappointment. Is it a surprise that this is exactly what the G8 has revealed?

refurbished lg phones


The new LG G8 ThinQ brings together the performance you expect from a modern flagship phone and is, as usual, a great choice for those who care about the sound quality of smartphones. Beyond this, there is little here that sets it apart from this year’s first set of premium equipment, as well as a smart flight sensor that powers ambitious features that do not really work well. At best, the G8 ThinQ does not have the tools to outperform its competitors. In the worst case, this is an example of the uneven results achieved when a company tries to innovate without worrying about the convenience.

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refurbished lg phones

Credit at the right time, LG made good decisions with the G8. I’m a fool for clean-screen smartphones, and the G8 is a lot smarter than some of the company’s recent devices. The two main chambers of the phone are now lined up on the back of the G8 and the phone’s body is definitely nicer to hold due to its almost seamless glass and metal structure. I will not look at a headphone jack anymore, and it’s especially useful here.

For years, LG has been promoting the idea of ​​high-quality audio smartphones, and the G8’s built-in HiFi Quad DAC is one of the best options available if you care about clear, clear sound. (The phone also includes DTS: X virtual surround sound to make your music and videos a bit wider, but only useful from time to time).

refurbished lg phones

Ironically, to get a full idea of ​​the sound of the G8, we must look at its screen. On the surface, this is a very nice 6.1 inch P-OLED screen, with 3,120 x 1,440 pixels. Expect bright colors, crisp details and none of the flaws found in some of the panels. Older members of society. For once, a LG screen left me without complaint. What’s more interesting is that, in its quest for maximum elegance, LG has gone completely into the front headset for a Crystal Sound OLED that turns the full screen into a speaker.

This is not the first time we see something like this: the first phone I reviewed with a similar screen launched in 2014, and certainly not the last one. It also sounds good to me, as it works like an amulet: the sound transmitted through the screen was always clear and surprisingly loud.

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