Some people say that the travel light is only for those who do not worry about fashion, style and hygiene. In addition, some say that those who do also have travelers on budget. Well, does not it make sense to make others feel that you do not have a lot of money and therefore you can stay away from the ability to rob or cease? But that is next to the point. I had the opportunity to travel alone in Asia and Europe (and good, sometimes with a companion) and on budget, but I traveled to destinations more than I planned.

Swan Tours Its leading travel agents in India They offers a wide range of opportunities, comfort, style and many more benefits you could ever imagine. I will walk you for a number of reasons, because I would rather travel the world, virtually everywhere, for an indefinite period, with no more than a single hand-printed bag.

If you are angry with anything challenging to travel with limited clothing and style, then this may be an option that will appreciate later.

By the way, I will use the words “cupboard” which I figuratively use for some large luggage; ‘Mailman’s bag’, that’s a wide bag with a long strap. It is made to carry over the body. It has a valve that has the upper opening and can be used for many situations, but is often used as a bag for carrying school books; and LCC, which stands for cheap airlines offering affordable rates but no fringe airlines like Indian airlines, Jet Airways. IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, JetLite, Air India Express, Bluejet, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Air Asia, etc.


Hassle-free: Over packing tops the list of biggest travel errors. Aside from the fact that you need more effort to get those “cupboards” everywhere, you spend your day in exhaustion and surely you will not enjoy your trip at all.

The Good Things: With a greatly reduced need to check luggage, you are less likely to lose your belongings to theft, damage, wrong or just misplacing them anywhere at the airport. Additionally, you do not need to interrogate security for possible trafficking.

Savings: Perhaps one of the main concerns about the travel budget (I’m sure you would agree). Yes, no matter how much money you carry if you do not plan ahead, more likely you would spend some assistance on other people or pay more for a transport to meet all your possessions. This is probably a reason why you would rather stay in a bedroom and in a hotel.

The Good Things: If you only have one sufficient bag, you do not have to pay porters or storage costs. The only reason why the luggage facility at most of the major airports is going well is because of those who travel with luggage, as they move home from home. You can also take public transport such as buses, trams, trains or even to the city center, instead of taking taxis and limousines. Everything brings you to an intimate and more promising contact with the locals you meet on your trip.

Flexibility: Arriving at an airport with your cabinets can be one of the most common scenarios. With too much hand, the thought of managing your luggage may completely destroy your planned vacation or you can spend too much time and miss your connections.

The Good Things: Lesser things mean more mobility, giving you more travel options. You cannot arrive to the airport as soon as all you have to do is check your bag and go directly or, at LCC, you must go straight to your designated port. You can proudly write down the trains, trams and buses. You can also switch to an earlier flight if your ticket allows. Ultimately, you can leave the airport as soon as you leave. You do not have to wait for an hour on the carousel.

Serenity: The bottom line is travel light is the more effort-free way to go. You have more time because the packaging costs little. You waste less energy to get your stuff. You know what you have and how much, so you cannot easily lose your belongings or be a baggage for some nonsense unscrupulous people. Foreign travel in particular can be very stressful because it is unknown and unpredictable. In addition to investigating information about your destination, you need to consider many factors, such as security, security, accommodation and weather.

But then again, the light traveler always comes from a solid, clear foundation with less unnecessary things to worry about.

Ecologically friendly: I do not think this subject alone, because it is very informative but also very ecologically friendly. With all the brief reasons I have provided, one would never suspect that in the long run the travel cot might only be the better way to protect the motherland. Funny but true.

The Good Things: if you need less stuff, there is less to produce. Less use of vehicles and other machines to move things around, so less fuel for vehicles. Less greenhouse gas production. Less damage to our heavenly home and greater chance that emerging generations are around to make some light on themselves, making the world a better place to live.


Plan ahead. Know your destination. Apart from knowing which tourist spots and accommodation properties, check weather forecasts too, so you would know what to wear and types of clothing you want to bring.

Pack Light And Get Smart. You cannot be stupid (everything in the sense of talagan), something dangerous, like knives, boxes, scissors, and lighters or large amounts of liquids or gels in your carry bag. Please note that the countries of the European Union have at least 100 ml per type of liquid and up to 1 liter per person. Now I leave my Swiss Legmesie home, bring smaller bottles of toiletries, and just carry my bag as usual. You can take a whole range of knives or big bottle of shampoo to Europe any way – but you need to check your bag. Grab after yan.

Restrictions for Airlines. Be aware that many airlines have additional (and often changing) restrictions on the number, size and weight of the carrying cases. Restrictions may vary from airport to airport, even on the same airline. Check your airline’s website (or read the fine print on your e-ticket) for details.

A Sample of My Shopping Bag 

Clockwise: my mailman’s bag, a folder with all my documents (online tickets, hotel reservations, passport), laptop, 6×8 inch vacuum packed clothes (you will not believe but contain 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 hankeys , 2 boxers and a few slacks), toiletries kit, guidebook and camera.

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Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Rajasthan

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Choose Taj Lake Palace Udaipur to stay only if you want to bathe in luxury unparalleled to any other hotel or resort. Taj Palace is truly a luxurious hotel. This hotel was once featured in a James Bond Movie and even if it hadn’t this would still be a star in our eyes. It is set in a 18th century palace encompassing a Lake Pichola island. This hotel is done in complete marble.

The hotel is wonderfully done, the exterior as well interior are beautiful here. The architecture reflects real hardwork as it is very beautiful. The rooms and suites are well decorated and are laced with all the modern facilities a hotel should have. There is the presence of 24 hours doctor on call and room service. Free Wifi, flatscreen tv, minibar, period furniture, free butler service and much more are available here. There are four exquisite restaurants here which are fabulous in themselves. The cuisines available here are Indian, Mughlai, Continental, Chinese. The butlers will set the table anywhere wherever you wish to dine be it poolside table, lily pond or rooftop.

This is like a royal dream awaiting you. Do go for it.

About Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Rajasthan

The traditional coupé glides to an end at the lake’s edge. It’s solid to believe the floating vision in marble is real. Blink, and indeed, there is a brilliant palace emerging from the mist. Suddenly you are in a boat, drifting ever closer and the reality doesn’t disillusion. With the Aravalli Mountains and city palaces as a environment one gets an impending sense of enchantment.

Accommodations at Taj Lake Palace are as enjoyable as the exterior. Every one of our idealistic rooms holds a story and among the most persuasive is The Chandra Prakash Suite, meaning Lustre of the Moon. The ornamental gilt moldings, sculpted marble columns, and fine fretwork screens fearful even the Maharaja who held court in this very room in the 1930s.

There are countless exclusive experience to be had. Sail into a plum sunset on a 150-year old Gangaur complete with candlelight and splendidly decent oarsmen. Indulge in a legacy walk with an escort followed by a glass of luminous wine at the bar. Soak in the sounds and tourist attractions of the city as your royal butler accompanies you on a shopping trip. In this royal dream, anything is possible.

Rooms and Suites at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur | Taj Hotels

Rooms & Suites

Each and every one of the 66 rooms and 17 suites offer stunning views and intricate décor to envelop guests in royal mystique.

Luxury Rooms, Palace Rooms, Royal Suites, Grand Royal Suites, Grand Presidential Suite, Historical Suites

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Thimphu Tshechu Schedule: Sept 30-Oct 2, 2017

7 Night 8 Day Thimphu Festival

One of the biggest festivals in the country is the Thimphu Tshechu. This festival is held in the capital city for three days beginning on 10th day of the 8th month of lunar calendar. This Tshechu is witnessed by thousands of people many of which travel from neighboring Dzongkhags (districts) to attend the festivities. The actual Tshechu is preceded by days and nights of prayer and rituals to invoke the gods.When it was initiated by the 4th Desi, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay in 1867 the Tshechu consisted of only a few dances being performed strictly by monks. These were the Zhana chham and the Zhana Nga chham (Dances of the 21 Black Hats), Durdag (Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Ground), and the Tungam chham (Dance of the Terrifying Deities).

The Thimphu Tshechu underwent a change in the 1950s, when the third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, introduced numerous Boed chhams (mask dances performed by lay monks). These additions added colour and variation to the festival without compromising its spiritual significance. Mask dances like the Guru Tshengye (Eight Manifestations of Guru), Shaw Shachi (Dance of the Stags) are enjoyed because they are similar to stage-theater.Equally important are the Atsaras, who are more than just mere clowns. The Atsaras are the dupthobs (acharyas), who provide protection.

The dances and the jesting of the Atsaras are believed to entrance evil forces and prevent them from causing harm during Tshechus. Modern Atsaras also perform short skits to disseminate health and social awareness messages.To farmers, the Tshechu is also seen as a break from farm life. It’s an occasion to celebrate, receive blessings and pray for health and happiness.

Le Méridien Paro, Riverfront,Paro tours

Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Paro & Paro-Thimphu

Distance: 54 km, estimated driving time: 1 hr

Fly into Paro by DrukAir ( Royal Bhutan Airlines). After completing your immigration formalities, you will be received by our representative who will be your tour guide throughout your tour.Then drive to Thimphu .

On Arrival At Thimphu Check Into Your Hotel And After Lunch Visit The Following:

Bhutan Postal Museum (recently established)-The museum tells the story of Bhutan’s progress and development through the evolution of communications and postal system in the country. And also you can get personalized Bhutanese postage stamps with your photo on them. You can bring along your favorite photo to put on the stamps and put these stamps on your postcard to send to your family and friends.

Changzamtok Weaving Center to observe beautiful colourful silk and cotton textiles being woven into shawls, scarves and traditional Bhutanese dresses.

Craft Bazaar where craftsmen and artisans from across the country display and sell their handicrafts. In the evening, free to relax or stroll around Thimphu town, do shopping, etc. Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Bhutan’s dark secret to happiness

Bhutan’s dark secret to happiness

Day 02: 1st Day Of Thimphu Tshechu (Festival)- (9.Am – 4.30 Pm)

After breakfast you will go to witness the 1st Day of Thimphu Tshechu (Festival) which will be held at Tendrel Thang (the festival ground in front of Thimphu Tashichhodzong). Dressed in traditional finery, devotees flock to Tendrel Thang to proclaim their faith and receive blessings.

You will take off sometime from the festival to visit Tashichhoe Dzong, a fortress of the glorious religion. It was built in 1641 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel and was reconstructed into present structure by the late King, His majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in the year 1962-1969. It houses the secretariat building, the throne room and the office of the king, and the central monk body.

After The Festival You Will Visit The Following:

Watch Archery Match: Bhutan’s national game

Kuenselphodrang where the Bhutan’s largest Buddha statue (167 feet tall) is perched on the hillock overlooking the entire Thimphu valley below and the view from there is magnificent.

National Memorial Chorten, chorten literally means ‘ seat of faith’ and Buddhists often call such monuments the ‘Mind of Buddha’. Meet the elderly generation in circumambulation at the National Memorial Chorten. Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu

Day 03: Thimphu Tsechu 2nd Day, Thimphu Sightseeing & Short Hike To Tango Monastery

After Breakfast Visit The Following:

Centenary Farmers’ Market (open from Thu-Sun only): Most of the Thimphu’s population and many valley dwellers converge on the bustling weekend market, held by the side of Wangchu River. A wide range of foodstuffs and local arts and crafts are sold at the market, which runs from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening. A visit to the market provides great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to mingle with local people and perhaps buy souvenirs.

Go to Tendrel Thang to get a glimpse of the 2nd Day of Thimphu Festival and stay at the festival for about an hour or so.

National Textile Museum, which is a good place to see that the art of traditional weaving is preserved and preserved by exhibition and contains a good collection of old textile rich in colors and designs. You’ll also see people weaving with intricate designs.

Simply Bhutan – A living rural museum that provides visitors and tourists with fascinating insights into Bhutanese material culture and way of life.

After lunch, drive to the base camp of the Tango Monastery for about 30 minutes and head to the monastery. The walk to the monastery is filled by the woods with Rhododendron trees that are full bloom during April. Tango Monastery is the center for higher studies for monks. The view from the Tango Monastery is breathtakingly beautiful. You will experience complete peace and quiet in this area. After visiting the monastery, walk back to the road and return to Thimphu, Dinner & Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Last day of Thimphu Tshechu

Last day of Thimphu Tshechu

Day 04: Last day of Thimphu Tshechu

After breakfast go to Tendrel Thang (festival field) to see the spectacular day of Thimphu Tsechu with religious dance performances mixed with folk dances and dance from Bhutanese warriors. People from all walks of life gather at the festival in their best dresses and ornaments.

After The Festival You Will Visit The Following:

Traditional Bhutanese paper mill, the handmade paper manufacturer in Bhutan, originates from the ancient tradition from the 8th century of Bhutanese history. The handmade paper forms a valuable national heritage of Bhutanese cultural identity and is preserved throughout the ages. The traditional paper is recognized and has high value in both the interior and the outside world. Jungshi Paper Factory was established in November 1990 as a company of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The device now has a large and only retailer in handmade paper and its products.

Takin Preserve, which houses the national animal that is found only in Bhutan. This is a very rare member of the goat family. Found in herds at very high heights (13,125 ft and above). They live on a diet of grass and bamboo. It could be up to 550 pounds.

Changankha Lhakhang (Temple): This temple located on top of a small dog overlooking the Thimphu Valley was built in the 13th century by the illustrious Lam Phajo Dugom Zhigpo. The temple is considered the spiritual home of children born in the Chang Valley. Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Thimphu-Punakha  Wangdue

Thimphu-Punakha Wangdue

Day 05: Thimphu-Punakha / Wangdue

Distance: 71 km, estimated driving time: 2 ½ hours

After breakfast, travel to Punakha & Wangdue via Dochula Pass 3140 m). In the bright springtime you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountains, Then by the beautiful 108 chortens built on the hill by her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck (Queen Mother of Bhutan) for the security and well-being of His Majesty, the King of Bhutan.

You will also visit Press Wangyal Lhakhang (Monastery), built by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck (Queen Mother of Bhutan) in honor of his Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the Armed Forces after His Majesty a Successful operation against Indian militants who occupied certain areas of Bhutan. The Wangyal Lhakhang Gallery has beautiful murals depicting some important events in the rulings of the Kings of Bhutan.

Then travel to Punakha. Punakha is inextricably linked to some of the most important events in Bhutanese history and deserves its reputation as one of the most beautiful and most important regions in the heart of Bhutanese culture. Punakha served as a capital of Bhutan from 1637 to 1907. The dzong is historically important and represents a united Bhutan.

On the way, stop for lunch in the village of Metsina, then visit Devine Madman’s Monastery-Chhimi Lhakhang, famous for its fertility sanctuary, where one can get a special fertility blessing.

Visit the Punakha Dzong, located on Pho-Chu Island (Male River) and Mochu (Female River). The dzong was built in 1637 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal to serve as the religious and administrative seat of the region. At the dzong you can see the highest standards in woodwork.

In the evening you can visit Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendup Lhakhang Nunnery and enjoy the breathtaking views of Punakha and Wangdue. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Punakha.

Punakha vailly

Punakha vailly

Day 06: Punakha Paro

Distance: 71 km, estimated driving time: 2 ½ hours

After breakfast, travel through the top Punakha Valley and stroll through farms to the beautiful Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Lhakhang (Temple) built by Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck (the Queen of Bhutan Queen) for peace and stability in this ever changing world. This temple is located on the hilltop overlooking the valley below. The quiet walk to the temple takes about an hour. Visit the temple and enjoy the breathtaking beautiful view from there.

Punakha Paro

Punakha Paro

Then travel to Paro with lunch and route. On arrival in Paro, visit the following:

Rinpung Dzong, built in 1645 to defend the valley against Tibetan invaders. The Dzong is now being used as an administration center and school for monks. Then go to Rimpung Bridge (Traditon Bridge), the oldest bridge in Bhutan. Farmhouses in Paro Valley and visiting a farm give a good look at a farmer’s lifestyle. Overnight stay in a hotel in Paro

Tiger's Nest Monastery

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Day 07: A Day Walk To Takhang Ghoempa (Tiger’s Nest Monastery) In Paro

After breakfast, walk to Taktsang Goempa (Tiger’s Nest Monastery). The walk to the viewpoint takes about 1 1/2 hours and from there you enjoy a spectacular view of the monastery clinging to the cliff side. You will stop here for refreshments and then continue to the monastery which another 1 1/2 hours.

It was first built in 1692, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup, a cave where Guru Padmasambhava meditated for three months in the 8th century. It is assumed that Guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmasambhava) flew to this location from Khenpajong, Tibet on the back of a tiger and demon. He conducted meditation in one of the caves and appeared in eight incarnated forms (manifestations) and blessed the place. Then the place became known as the “Tiger’s Nest”. Guru Padmasambhava is famous for introducing Buddhism in Bhutan. Today, Paro Taktsang is the best known of the thirteen caves in which he meditated.

After going to the monastery, go down down to the road, with lunch at the cafeteria. Then go back to your hotel after visiting Kichu Lhakhang on the way. Kichu Lhakhang, one of the 108 temples built in the 7th century by the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo. The story is that a huge demon is located throughout Tibet and the Himalayan region and prevents the spread of Buddhism. To conquer her, King Songtsen Gampo decided to build 108 temples that would be placed on all points of her body. Of these 108 temples, 12 were built according to precise plans. Thus it happened that in about AD 638 the temple of Jokhang in Lhasa was built over the heart of the demon. In the evening, relax in the traditional hot-tub after a busy day and overnight at a hotel in Paro.

Paro International Airport

Paro International Airport

Day 08: Departure from Paro

After breakfast, your guide to Access Bhutan Tours will show you at the Paro International Airport for your further trip.

To Gasa Dzong


End of the Tour Program

Swan tours are a legitimate-run tour company in Bhutan that operates in line with all the prevailing standards of the royal government of Bhutan. We believe that you have thought in earnest that Bhutan will offer you everything you expected as a destination now known as one of the hotspot travel destinations.

It’s not just because Swan Tours rests its strategies on a single company that only allows it to function. The company is convinced that this country, which has been spelled out of long-term isolation, always provides a culture that differs most from each, a lifestyle that is an example for people from outside and inside Bhutan.

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Top 10: Hong Kong without skyscrapers

hong kong tourism


Dubbed the “Manhattan of the China Sea,” Hong Kong actually surprises with its unique cultural fusion between East and West – it was, after all, a British colony until 1984, when it returned to its deep Roots. Today, the financial capital and a booming tourist destination, the archipelago attracts first and foremost for its futuristic look.

And if you did otherwise – opt for Hong Kong, the natural wonder! Unthinkable? Think again.

The archipelago has several beautiful beaches, creeks, valleys and tropical jungles that are just waiting to be explored. Here are 10 places where you can commune with nature, away from horns and trams.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

To better appreciate the absence of the Hong Kong skyscrapers, one must first grasp the extent. With its spectacular panorama of the bay, its wooded walks and its freshness more than welcome in the extreme humidity of South Asia, the Peak inevitably seduces.

It is possible to reach the summit in 10 minutes thanks to a single cable cableway, very effective, albeit slightly terrifying.

Tai Long Wan Coast


Tai Long Wan Coast

Only a few kilometers from Hong Kong, the deserted beaches of Tai Long Wan seem to belong to another world. Here, there are no roads or tracks – the only way to get there is by hiking.

The game will be worth the candle, however, when we know that several natural pools, waterfalls, surfing cafes and a holiday atmosphere await us there.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery

In the heart of the steep island of Lantau lies the monastery of Po Lin, where you can see miles of the imposing statue of the Great Buddha, 34 meters high.

A small shady café, away from the tourists, makes tea tea grows in a modest plantation a few meters below.

Hong Kong otherwise: from Cheung Chau to Stanley

Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island

This charming island – which is said to be a former pirates’ hideaway – boasts a truly entertaining little fishing port. With its ancient remnants, it is the most exquisite of the islands that surround Hong Kong.

There are also dozens of shops, temples and narrow streets, all more photogenic than the others. The dolce vita, Hong Kong version.

Cape d'Aguilar hong kong

Cape d’Aguilar hong kong

Cap d’Aguilar

11 kilometers south of Hong Kong’s bustling center are the wild coast, eroded rocks and the rich underwater fauna of Cape Aguilar.

There is also a historic lighthouse offering a stunning view of the China Sea – one of the few in the country that survived the Second World War.

Pat Sin Range ValleyPat Sin Range Valley

Pat Sin Range Valley

Pat Sin Range Valley

Hard to believe that you are only a few steps away (small exaggeration, about 30 minutes by bus) from the center of Hong Kong. The green mountains of Pat Sin represent eight summits, dedicated to eight gods of Chinese mythology.

The valley offers several hiking trails to the top of 639 meters, which will please both the lazy and the most motivated.




Once a peaceful fishing village, Stanley was the largest settlement on Hong Kong Island before the arrival of the British.

It now offers a quiet atmosphere, with little motorized traffic and several beaches where canoeing and sailing are possible. An excellent introduction to the colonial history of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong otherwise: diving and secret valleys

Hoi Ha Wan

Hoi Ha Wan

Hoi Ha Wan

With its creeks and rough bays, this 260-hectare (also known as Jone’s Cove) marine park located north of the Sai Kung Peninsula is a diving paradise.

It has an amazing underwater biodiversity, due to its isolated position.

Sha Lo Tung

Sha Lo Tung

Sha Lo Tung

If you accidentally forget that Hong Kong is technically in China, Sha Lo Tung will be happy to remind you.

With its dramatic landscapes reminiscent of central China, composed of secret valleys and rivers, the lush site serves as a backdrop to the ancestral villages and rice fields.

Marsh of Mai Po

Marsh of Mai Po

Marsh of Mai Po

Declared a wetland of international importance in 1995, Mai Po is one of China’s richest ornithological reserves.

It has hundreds of species of birds, but also otters, bats, some reptiles and a host of amphibians.

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Delhi to Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

We Andaman Nicobar tourism are extremely famous in the travel businesses in offering you an awesome Andaman visit with every one of the facilities and amenities, including cruising, Scuba jumping, angling, investing energy in the white sandy shorelines and getting coral reefs with the invigorating cool quality of ocean touch feeling. Andaman tour packages from Delhi taken as an extraordinary cruising in India at sensible rates with every one of the facilities and amenities by means of Andaman Nicobar tourism.  get find  sort trip to Andaman

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Andaman Nicobar Island is an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal cover 300 islands portrayed by the white sandy shorelines, coral reefs, pearl magnificence, mangroves and tropical rainforests. Coral reefs supporting marine life, for example, sharks and beams make for famous plunging and snorkeling destinations. Port Blair Havelock Honeymoon Packages.

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Amazing fun of Cruising: You will have some good times of Andaman tour package from Delhi that will offer you an awesome touring and panoramic wonders of white sandy beaches of Andaman, exotic beaches, coral reefs, lush green rain forests, active volcano, adventure activities, including scuba jumping, snorkeling, fishing and numerous exercises that charm you come and join the  Best of Andamans Tour  from Delhi.

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Port Blair with Touch of Cruising

Pick and drop facilities from port to touring destinations: We Andaman Nicobar tourism offers you an incredible fun in the city of Island in India and our Andaman Nicobar tourism have unique attributes of pick and drop facilities from Port Blair airport to travel destination of the Andaman. We have an uncommon holiday packages that offers you deluxe facilities and fun of fishing in Andaman.

On the whole we can say that we Andaman Nicobar tourism offers you a great tour of Andaman from southern state Delhi with the Andaman tour packages from Delhi.

paragliding in andman

If you are looking Andaman Tour Packages Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most beautiful islands of India. Places to visit are Havelock Island, Port Blair and activities and enjoy a splendid holiday in Andaman, one of the most sought after tourist destination in the country. On your Andaman Nicobar tour packages enjoy the white sandy beaches that invite holiday makers, water sport lovers, honeymooners and leisure searchers. Plan Andaman holiday packages and enjoy a dream  holiday vacation in India on these islands which it’s a sure to provide you the best holiday experience. The Andaman and Nicobar tour packages usually start from Port Blair and the most popular cities to be visited are Havelock Islands tours, Ross Islands and Diglipur islands. Beaches, underwater adventure and historical splendors are the major draws on don`t miss on their Andaman holiday packages at memorable to life time achievements.

Trekking mecca and a Virgin paradise – Spiti Tourism At A Glance


Destination summary – Spiti

Unwinding through Spiti is the nearest you could get to Shangri-La, though on some inspiring tarmac. While you’re certainly not going to be allowed forty winks on the Dalai Lama’s bed, utilized on his visits here, Spiti offers considerably more than monasteries and pristine glaciers. Great enrichments flag the onset festivals here in Spiti, offering an easy excuse for much song and revelry throughout the year. In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to be in Spiti toward the finish of September, look at the ‘Chakhar Mela’ (held every three years) that ends with the Chham dance (mask) by the Lamas. With unblemished lakes and a portion of the universes’ most elevated occupied towns, Spiti abandons you with picture-postcard r memories of barren desert and precariously perched monasteries set against backdrop of clear blue skies. Scanty populace and wonderful trekking openings offer a feeling of unexplored remoteness in an area yet untouched by tourism. At amazing heights with staggering scene, frequently contrasted with Ladakh before sightseers assumed control, Spiti makes an awesome road-trip destination with the added bonus of spotting that ever-elusive Snow Leopard. Click here and book Himachal Pradesh Tour packages at lowest price at its a leading travel agents in India.

Best time to visit in Spiti May to September



Best time to visit in Spiti May to September

Getting there

By Air – No airport near Spiti valley. Relies on upon what position you’re maintaining, nearest airport can be Chandigarh or at Bhuntar. Littler planes fly from Chandigarh and Delhi to Bhuntar, yet it is not operational a ton of time and consequently is not the most solid alternative.

By Train – Again, no train station in near Spiti valley; nearest prepare station is at Chandigarh.

By Road – Connected by Road from Delhi and other cities.

Pick up from Chandigarh - Overnight stay at Narkanda

Pick up from Chandigarh – Overnight stay at Narkanda

Set off after an early breakfast for a 2-1/2 hour drive to enchanting Narkanda, a world far from the infuriating hordes of Shimla. Higher achieves, copious summer daylight or lively white winters in plentiful apple plantations. Stunningly delightful, Narkanda offers eminent calculating and winter dons also. “The” skiing goal of the area, Narkanda pulls in an impressive number of vacationers in winter too.

The nonattendance of Shimla’s tourism mayhem and unhindered vistas of the Himalayas gives you some genuinely necessary isolation. Untravel your way through stunningly lovely scenes for grand perspectives that endure forever here in Narkanda. Take off for a quiet night walk around you spends the night here in this lovely mountain town.

Drive from Narkanda to Sangla - Overnight at Sangla

Drive from Narkanda to Sangla – Overnight at Sangla

Start the picturesque drive to Sangla after breakfast. Stunningly excellent consistently, the street to Sangla is surely cleared with great intentions. Free rough territory makes the majority of the drive to Sangla appears like an experience in itself with perfect apple plantations and apparently “hanging” towns on the opposite side of the chasm. The valley’s biggest possessed settlement, Sangla has fascinating Tibetian diners and an ATM, yet an essence of Sangla’s prestigious potatoes is an unquestionable requirement (the territory develops a portion of the best-quality potatoes on the planet). Invest some time at your lodging after lunch or climb up the interesting trail to the last town of Chitkul at the Indo-Tibetan border. A short leave is the captivating Kamru Fort with the Kamakhya Devi Shrine. The ideal mix of history and custom, old fortresses and old Tibetan wood cutting make for a great part of the design here. Warm invites are a part of the enchanting society of these dazzling Kinnauri-speaking locals. With tourism being a basic wellspring of salary here, feel at home as you stroll through the valley before you make a beeline for the inn for a hot supper. Spend the night at Sangla

Visit to Chitkul - Overnight at Kalpa

Visit to Chitkul – Overnight at Kalpa

Begin your day at with a drive to the last Indian town before the Tibet border. Chitkul is popular for its natural magnificence and curious architecture with spectacular views of the Baspa valley and interesting wooden houses. Eminent for its, somewhat costly, potatoes, Chitkul is encompassed by dazzling golden buckwheat that is secured with snow for a decent 6 months (October to February). With somewhat more than 600 occupants here, Chitkul has some well-disposed local people who are constantly upbeat to collaborate with guests. Become more acquainted with somewhat more about existence in this high-height outskirt town – the way of life, conventions, hardships and the straightforward delights that make it all worthwhile. Anauthentic neighborhood lunch later, proceed onward to Kalpa.

Kinnaur region’s finest, Kalpa is a staggering little valley town encompassed by snowy peaks of the Kailash extend. Watch the sun go down past the Himalayas before you hit the sack sufficiently early to get the following day’s sunrise.

Drive to Tabo via Nako

Drive to Tabo via Nako

Drive to Tabo via Nako – Overnight at Tabo

Wake up for the breathtaking dawn and early breakfast before embarking to Tabo. Rich greenery blurs off into patches of desolate abandon as you go to Nako. Visit the lake at Nako as it mirrors goliath crests around. After lunch and little stroll about, carry on to Tabo. Tenderly rippling petition banners against a scenery of green farmland (in summer), encompassed by fruitless mountains and clear blue skies, check the passageway to Tabo. Over a1000 years old, Tabo Monastery is currently an UNESCO Heritage site and one of the finest wonders of Indo-Tibetian art. Temple complexes of strong mud dividers stamp the uniqueness of Tabo Monastery complete with noteworthy paintings inside. A short climb to Tabo caves is a must for the aura of peace that surrounds these reflection grounds too. Spend your night in tranquil peacefulness here at Tabo.

Visit Pin Valley via Dhankar

Visit Pin Valley via Dhankar

Visit Pin Valley via Dhankar – Overnight at Kaza

Post breakfast, drive to the central command of Spiti, Kaza. Stop at Dhankar, dubiously roosted on a rough precipice, apparently delicate from a separation. Getting nearer, notwithstanding, gives you a reasonable thought of why so much exertion probably been spent building this religious community over a thousand years back. Terrific perspectives of the Spiti-Pin waterway conversion and the valley underneath leave reflection spots like none other here in this mud-walled seclusion.


Explore the little museum in the Gompa here before you finance some time in conversation with the lamas for more history and legend of the Dhankar Monastery. The greater part of these monasteries prohibits photography inside, so you might need to catch some of those fascinating scenes before you get in. Make a beeline for Pin valley after lunch. Get Here also find Manali Volvo Packages


Spiti’s biggest green range, Pin Valley, is enclosed by barren landscape and towering unexplored mountains. Drive through restricted rough landing area as you enter nature’s amazing differentiations of rich green fields set against snow-topped mountains and clear blue skies. Curious little towns dab the view here with the wandering Pin stream truly giving still life scenes to picture postcards. With interesting Tibetan culture obvious all through the valley, this territory is eminent as home to the last surviving Buchen Lamas from Buddhism’s most established Nyingmapa Sect. Drop in at Kungri cloister in Sangam to visit the spiritualist lamas, and in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to visit at the ideal time, you could possibly witness the ‘Buchen lama move’ that drives abhorrent out of town homes. Invest some energy at the last town toward the finish of the valley, Mudh, where green fields, glaciers and waterfalls dominate.

Kibber Village

Kibber Village

Excursion to Kye Monastery and Kibber Village

On the way to Kibber town from Kazaafter breakfast, fascinatingly roosted on a rough edge neglecting the Spitiriver, Kye monastery is Spiti Valley’s greatest monastery. Effortlessly the most captured, it is home to more than 300 lamas. Going back to almost 1000 AD (second just to Tabo Monastery in age), margarine lights lit each night add to the quality of peace and serenity as you stroll past antiquated wall paintings and works of art. You could get a look at the bed the Dalai Lama used to use on his visits here (he now stays in the new prayer hall in the monastery). Photography is allowed just on the top of the monastery, so get a couple pictures before you venture in. Get Here find more Details about  Best of Himachal Tour


Proceed onward until curious white houses with brilliant red rooftops begin showing up in the skyline, denoting your welcome to Kibber town. At more than 4200 meters above msl, Kibber is one of Spiti’s most astounding possessed towns with occupants all the year around. Expect a decent amount of homestays in Kibber where tourism helps the neighborhood group alongside agribusiness in some of Spiti’s most rich grounds. Dig further into the rich culture and history of individuals in this beguiling town as you take a seat for some hot lunch with them. Go out for a stroll about in lavish green environs a world far from regular day to day existence before you make a beeline for Kaza. Spend the night in Kaza.

langza village spit valley

langza village spit valley

Excursion to Langza and Komic Village

Set off after breakfast through infertile mountains set against splendid blue skies with patches of beautiful green farmland in summer. Your first stop, at a portion of the most astounding possessed towns on the planet, is Langza. Eminent for its top notch area, Langza offers some of Spiti’s finest perspectives with unclaimed fossils lying around its edges. Awesome perspectives of the ChauChau Kang Nilda crest at 4400 meters above mean ocean level with disengaged slants settle on Langza the destination of decision. Reconsider on the off chance that you need to dislodge those old fossils in the event that you do discover one however. Stop for a minute in Hikkim for a cuppa with the postmaster of the most astounding mail station on the planet. Bear in mind to post a few postcards before you go to Komic. Showing up, apparently all of a sudden, Komic is the Himalaya’s most astounding possessed town. With somewhat over twelve family units, hope to be welcomed some hot tea from the exquisite families who live here. Sitting beautiful at 4587 meters above mean ocean level, Komic offers dazzling vistas from its antiquated religious community too. Invest some energy with local people here and take in more about their fables and culture also. Treat your taste buds to some bona fide hot lunch here before you drive back to Kaza. Also get here and more information about holiday packages in India.

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

Visit the Chandrataal Lake – Overnight in Camps

At 4551 meters, Kunzum Pass is the main access to Spiti Valley from Lahaul. Start your day ahead of schedule as you begin your day-excursion to Chandrataal Lake. Stop at Losar, on the Indian outskirt with China,with dynamite perspectives of blooming valley in summer encompassed by desolate mountains. Barely 3 hours, on some dubious rough streets, would take you to Kunzum Pass. Drive down from the towering Pass to the strange Chandrataal Lake. Invest some energy by the ‘moon lake’, as its prevalently known, and watch it turn distinctive shades of turquoise blue as the morning advances. Go out for a stroll around the fringe for some captivating photo openings and recollections for a lifetime. Evidently the site where Yudishtra (eldest Pandava from the Mahabharata) was taken to paradise, Chandrataal is embraced by legends and fables about its origins. Head over to and from the hypnotizing lake, while associating with local people who will reveal to you some fascinating stories about the lake.

Go for a walk around at night watching the night get more seasoned with shades of red and yellow and orange illuminating the sky. Spend the night in a camp here at Chandrataal.

Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car

Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car

Drive from Chandrataal Lake to Manali

Drive back to Manali, after lunch, for your last day up in the mountains. Drop in at Bob Dylan’s caf’ in the heart of Manali for some lip-smacking treats and sound dosage of Dylan’s music or visit Old Manali for some old-world appeal as you escape the clamoring horde of Mall Road. Get here and find more information about Dalhousie Dharamshala AmritsarShimla Manali Tour

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri Tour Packages

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri Tour Packages

tourism in India

tourism in India:  Golden Triangle Tour Packages

Trip highlights

Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

Red Fort and the Itmad‑ud‑Daula (Baby Taj) in Agra

Explore the beauty of abandoned Fatephur Sikri

Trip Duration: 3 days

Grade:  Discovery and Cruising

Activities: Adventure Touring

Summary: 3 day trip and 2 night’s hotels

Welcome to India Lovely

Thank you for your interest in our Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri trip. At India Lovely we are passionate about our off the beaten track experiences as they provide our travellers with the thrill of coming face to face with untouched cultures as well as wilderness regions of great natural beauty. We are committed to ensuring that our unique itineraries are well researched, affordable and tailored for the enjoyment of small groups or individuals ‑ philosophies that have been at our core since 1995 when we began operating adventure holidays. Our itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with incredible local knowledge who share our vision of authentic exchange and real exploration with a responsible tourism approach. Whether you like your adventures to include trekking, touring, cycling, mountaineering, kayaking or cruising India Lovely can make it happen for you. We hope you will join us for a life changing experience!!

Why travel with India Lovely?

India Lovely began in India back in 1995 associated with its a leading travel agents in India. Having gained invaluable experience over the years and having dealt with the same operator since the beginning, allows us to be sure of the quality of our trips. Our vehicles are well maintained, air conditioned and comfortable. Accommodation has been handpicked for its local character and charm whilst still maintaining a 3 star rating. Our itineraries are all inclusive, with most but not all meals included in the cost of your tour ‑ we understand that there are times when you may want to explore the local markets and restaurants at your leisure. The knowledge and enthusiasm of our local guides ensures that we maintain the leading edge in adventure travel.

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri:  Golden Triangle with Shimla Tour

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri

An ideal extension to view the famous sights of Agra with an expert local guide

Trip dates

Departs daily year round

Important notes

HS – Holiday Season Note: – The Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.

Note: – prices valid up to 30/09/2017. For trips departing after this date, the price will likely increase subject to local inflationary pressures on operational costs

Trip cost

Joining Agra:     $359

All prices are per person options & supplements

Single Supplement: $60

HS – Supplement applies on 25 and 31 December: $120

These short extensions usually operate for a minimum of 2 passengers travelling together, however most can be done if you are travelling alone (Single Traveller Surcharge). If there are two or more people travelling together who cannot or prefer not to share rooms a single supplement cost will be applicable.

For competitive airfares and stopover ideas to join this adventure, contact our expert staff today to receive a detailed quote

The trip

An ideal extension to view the famous sights of Agra with an expert local guide, Experience sunrise at the Taj Mahal, walk the battlements, court yard and pavilions of Agra’s Red Fort and head further afield to the abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri.

At a glance




What’s included?

2 breakfasts

Accommodation on a twin share basis English speaking local guide transfers from airport or train station private vehicle

Sightseeing and entrance fees as listed in itinerary

Local cash payments are becoming increasingly popular with many operators in the adventure travel industry. The policy seems to benefit the tour operators, more than the local economies or travellers, as it avoids local taxes and transfers the cost and risk of cash handling to travellers. In accordance with our Responsible Travel practices we have chosen a policy not to ask for such payments.

The Epic Road Trip in india

The Epic Road Trip in india:  Golden Triangle Tour With Varanasi

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1- Arrive Agra

Upon arrival you will be met at either the airport or the train station and transferred to your centrally located hotel. There are no activities planned for the rest of the day so you are free to wander and explore the markets and streets of Agra.

Agra is situated on the banks of Yamuna River and was first made the capital of India in 1501 by the Lodi dynasty. In 1526, Barbur defeated the Lodis, and for the next two centuries, Agra alternated with Delhi as the Mughal capital.

Agra is a great place to try barbecue meats (kebabs) mixed with Indian spices. Petha, pieces of white pumpkin dipped in sugar syrup, and Gajak, a crumbly sweet made with sesame and jaggery, are delicious local sweets and sold everywhere – try them. For a splurge have a drink at the Oberoi Amarvilas. Built in typical Mughal style, barely 600m from the Taj Mahal, they have the most stunning view of the monument.

Meals: NIL

Taj Mahal Romantic

Taj Mahal Romantic: Delhi Agra Jaipur Luxury Tour

DAY 2 Full day sightseeing

Very early this morning, we depart from the hotel and make our way to the Taj Mahal to watch as the sun rises over this extraordinary building. Built by Shah Jahan’s as a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal the beauty of this structure is unmatched. We have time to walk the corridors and gardens before continuing on to the Agra Red Fort. With its grand courtyards, royal pavilions and palaces the Agra Fort is a fitting testimony to the Great Moghuls – Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan – during the era when Agra was the capital of the Moghul Empire.

We then travel 35km out of Agra to the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri. Built by Emperor Akbar in 1569 and deserted 14 years later its glorious courtyards and palaces conjure up dreams of the mysterious past. There’s the imperial Jami Masjid, the tomb of Shaik Salim Chisti who predicted the birth of Akbar’s son Jehangir, the Panch Mahal, a strange building which resembles a Buddhist Temple, a cloistered courtyard which was the Hall of Public Audience and the Pachchisi paved with black and white where the Emperor played chess using slave girls as figurines. We return to the hotel in Agra for the night.

You will then return to your hotel where you will have free time. If time permits you should visit Itimad-ud-Daulah, known as the ‘Baby Taj’; it was built before the Taj Mahal by Nur Jahan, queen of Jehangir, for her parents. The first Mughal building to be faced with white marble and where ‘pietra dura’, (precious stones inlaid into marble) was first used Or alternatively head down to the Yamuna River and take a small boat across the river to get a glimpse of the Taj Mahal from a different angle and a different perspective – truly magical.

* Please note the Taj Mahal is closed on Friday’s.

Get away from the group

Get away from the group

DAY 3 In Agra, trip concludes

Today is departure day, so after breakfast you will be transferred to the train station or airport for your onward connection. If your onward travel is later in the day, remember that check out time is 12:00 noon. You can arrange luggage storage at the hotel.

This itinerary is subject to change with any change in Community regulations as well as Governmental changes and natural circumstances beyond our control.

Keep Cool

Keep Cool

Important note

These trip notes represent the most current information for this itinerary, and may supersede any information in the current brochure, including but not limited to the itinerary and price. The itinerary should be seen as a guide only. This itinerary may change at any time due to inclement weather, forces of nature and other circumstances beyond our control.

Suggested extensions

  • Ancient Varanasi & the Ganges
  • India’s Golden Triangle
  • Temples of Khajuraho
  • Delhi to Kathmandu
5 Travel Tips for India Holiday for Bingers

5 Travel Tips for India Holiday for Bingers

Country information

It’s hard to imagine a more enticing destination in anyone’s books. India is exciting, exhilarating, romantic and exotic. A vast subcontinent, India has an incredible rich history and culture, a diversity of people, scenery, religions and architecture to rival any place on earth and for the inquisitive traveller, it is simply unmissable. The land is geographically diverse, from Himalayan Mountains and far ranging deserts in the north, to lush coconut palms and white sandy beaches in the south. Ancient influences and the modern world constantly blend and evolve in a way that can only be described as natural. India is a wonderful country with a heart and soul that will inspire and intrigue! Love it or hate it, India has continued to fascinate travellers for thousands of years.

India is the largest country in the subcontinent and shares borders with Pakistan to the west, China and Nepal to the north, Bhutan to the north‑east and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. Sri Lanka, the Maldives lie to the south in the Indian Ocean. It is the seventh largest country in the world by area and prides itself on being the largest democracy on earth.

Population of India now exceeds one billion, and although more than a thousand languages are spoken, English is the second language and is widely taught in Indian schools.

Hong Kong -honeymoon-tour-packages

honeymoon-tour-packages:  Luxury Hotel In Agra


Climate in India varies greatly, from the arid deserts of Rajasthan, to the snow covered mountains in Uttarakhand, to the humid and tropical south and the lush green and wet highlands of the North East.

Basically India has three‑seasons ‑ the hot, the humid wet monsoon and the cool. The heat starts to build up on the northern plains, including Delhi and Rajasthan, around mid-March and by late April it becomes extremely hot ‑ expect 35‑45°C (95‑113°F) days in most places. The first signs of the main monsoon, from the southwest, appear in May with high humidity, short rainstorms and violent electrical storms. The monsoon rains begin in the extreme south and slowly move north to cover the whole country by early July and generally ends by late September. The monsoon doesn’t really cool things off, but it’s a great relief ‑ especially to farmers.

A second monsoon, the short and surprisingly wet northeastern monsoon, brings rain from mid‑October to the end of December. This affects generally affects the eastern and southern coast including Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

India’s northern states become cooler during November to February each year. Expect daytime temperatures to be between 15‑25°C (59‑77°F). In late December and January it can be very cold at night in Uttar Pradesh and the desert regions of Rajasthan, between 0‑5°C (32‑41°F). In south, basically anywhere below Mumbai, during this time, it never really gets cool, the temperatures are comfortably warm rather than hot.


A typical day

We will be met early by our guide each morning for our sightseeing excursions. Evenings will be at leisure to explore the city.

Dietary requirements

Provided we are advised in advance of your departure we are able to cater for vegetarian diets and can assist with medically recommended diets (allergies and intolerances). Please ensure you discuss your requirements with us well in advance (at least 1 month prior to your trip) to determine whether we can cater to such dietary requirements on your chosen adventure. Please note that options are likely to be limited in very remote locations or alternatives may be more expensive or unavailable. There may be times when those with special requirements may need to provide their own food. We are unable to guarantee a peanut‑free or allergen‑free trip, and therefore, we strongly encourage that travellers with life‑threatening or severe allergies take

All necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure, Passengers must travel with all necessary medications for food allergies and be capable of self‑administering these medications.

India holiday tour and travel

India holiday tour and travel

Equipment required

There are no specialist gear requirements for this trip.

Vehicles & safety

During the course of your trip, we will use a variety of vehicles, all of which are fit for purpose and the conditions encountered. It should be noted that laws governing transportation safety may differ from those in your home country and on occasion some vehicles may not have seat belts fitted. While game viewing within a national park could be one example, public bus transfers or specialised transport such as ‘tuk‑tuk’s’ could be another. Where seat belts are not provided we strongly recommend that you hold tight to a fixed part of the vehicle at all times.

What’s not included?

  • International airfares
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory)
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Transport to/from Agra
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, phone calls, alcohol etc
The Royal Challenge

The Royal Challenge

Trip grading

These are our least demanding trips and involve little or no extended activity. They are suitable for people with a basic level of fitness and good health. The itinerary involves long travel days on various types of transport.

Stay healthy

Stay healthy

Responsible travel

The environments we travel through are fragile. It is our responsibility as visitors to minimise the impact of our presence. India Lovely were the proud recipients of the inaugural Australian National Travel Industry’s Environmental Achievement award for our Responsible Travel Guidebook. This detailed guide to responsible and sustainable travel is provided to all India Lovely clients before they travel. Please ask your consultant if you have not received your copy of our award winning book.


Adventure travel

By its very nature adventure travel involves an element of the unexpected. In remote and developing countries do not expect standards you are used to at home. Remote areas are sometimes unpredictable and itineraries may be altered. To get the most out of your adventure it is important that you are flexible, positive and eager to take on all the challenges that arise. If you are uncertain about your suitability for this trip we recommend that you speak with your consultant or travel agent.

night zoo singapor

Info night 

Info nights

India Lovely invites you to attend our inspiring adventure travel information nights. These special evenings are designed to inform and entertain and are hosted by our most experienced and passionate adventure travellers and mountaineers. Ask our staff for an info night schedule or register on our website ‑ Shows can fill early so it is important to register your attendance so we know to save a seat, or two!


Private groups

The adventures featured in our brochures, and on our website, are just a starting point for many of our private group travellers. Working closely with our Groups Department we can organise custom designed itineraries for groups of friends, clubs, charity’s, schools or even work colleagues. Our team will assist you with all aspects of your private group adventure from itinerary design to group flights. Contact our team today.

Trip availability

If this trip seems right for you then we encourage you to call us now to check availability. There are many reasons why you may not be able to join your desired departure and limited space on our small group departures is just one of them. Many of our adventures require us to secure services on your behalf; such as trekking permits, train travel and visa invitation letters. The demand is increasing each year making it difficult to join a trip last minute. To ensure we can assist you onto your adventure of a lifetime we ask that you check your trip availability with our team at your earliest convenience.

How to book

To book a India Lovely trip, you will need to complete a booking form and pay a nonrefundable deposit which you can do by using our online booking function for most trips, or if you prefer, download a booking form from the website and return to us by fax, or mail your booking form and deposit to your nearest India Lovely office or travel agent. We can also help you with any additional arrangements that you require, such as competitive airfares to get you to your destination, stopovers, pre or post trip accommodation or any additional tours that you wish to take in conjunction with the main India Lovely trip.

Guides of Bhutan Pre-Departure information


Aides of Bhutan handles the entire booking process in the interest of our visitors, including flights and visa applications however it is fitting to book well ahead of time to secure inn convenience and seats on Bhutan’s national carrier, Druk Air. We trust the accompanying handy manual for go to Bhutan answers most inquiries yet kindly do email us for further elucidation and the most recent data at

DRUK AIR works two Airbus319s amongst Bhutan and Bangkok (by means of Calcutta or Dhaka and Bodhgaya) and amongst Bhutan and Delhi (through Kathmandu). On receipt of installment for the full passage, our visitors will be sent a duplicate of their E-ticket by means of email. Druk Air’s arrangements apply and Guides Of Bhutan can’t discount tickets obtained for the benefit of our visitors. For a la mode flight calendars and rates please allude to the Druk Air site

Travel permits GOVERNMENT FEES and VISAS For any visit to the Kingdom of Bhutan all game plans (agenda, flights and visa) must be made through an authorized neighborhood visit administrator, for example, Guides Of Bhutan. It ordinarily takes 2 to 3 weeks to process visas yet under a few conditions, we can quicken the procedure.

To secure your booking we require the accompanying:

An examined duplicate of the photograph page of every visitor’s visa (legitimate for 6 months)

A finished duplicate of the visa shape (accessible for download from our site

Full installment is required no short of what one month before the date of travel (your monies are held by the Tourism Council of Bhutan until the excursion has been finished). Installment is completely refundable if composed cancelation is gotten 45 days preceding entry date.

For subtle elements, the most productive strategy for installment and additionally a duplicate of the visa frame please email us at

The Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan requires that each outside national (aside from Indian nationals) pay a Daily Government Royalty of US$65 dollars per individual every day (with the exception of in July and August when it is US$55 per individual every day), a FIT (Free Independent Traveler) additional charge of US$30 per individual every day is demanded for two individuals, which ascends to US$40 every day for single explorers, however for gatherings of at least 3 this expense is deferred. (If you don’t mind take note of that these are DAILY charges).

It is profoundly prescribed to bring loved ones (instead of go as a solitary individual or a couple) or to join a gathering flight to significantly decrease the trek cost per individual and keep away from the FIT extra charge.

Also, outside nationals (aside from Indian nationals) are required to pay a Visa Fee (nonrefundable) of US$20 per application (one name for every application), and a US$10 per individual Tourism Development Fund Fee (which is utilized to help Bhutan’s framework).

If you don’t mind NOTE All the above Government Fees and Royalties are incorporated into the cost of your comprehensive Adventure Package with Guides Of Bhutan.


On registration at the air terminal demand a seat on the left-hand side of the plane for the best mountain perspectives and the other way around on flight.

Visitors Flying by means of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport the Druk Air registration work area at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airplane terminal is at Row W at the furthest end of the concourse, to spare time request that your driver drop you at that end.

Visitors Flying by means of India All travelers traveling to and from Bhutan by means of Calcutta or Delhi must apply for an Indian Visa preceding their takeoff on the off chance that they expect to remain overnight – in the event that they stay in travel no Indian visa is required.

As Paro air terminal may be “sunlight limited” and absolutely reliant on climate, flights can once in a while be postponed. To be set up for such an occasion travelers ought to keep no less than 24 hours’ travel time for corresponding flights out of Paro and it is encouraged to convey fundamental individual things like prescriptions, money, records and so on in your grasp stuff.

Aides of Bhutan – Inspiring and Uplifting Adventures in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Hand Baggage Allowance Druk Air asks for that travelers restrain their hand stuff to one piece, the size not surpassing 45+35+20 cm (17 ½ +13 ½ +8 inches) and the weight not surpassing 5 kg (11lbs).

Checked Baggage Allowance:     Economy Class: 20 kg (44 lbs)      Business Class: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Wellbeing and SAFETY

THE EFFECTS OF ALTITUDE Though we are in the Himalaya, our schedule remains underneath the height where Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) may influence individuals. Be that as it may, it is still imperative to. Get in the most ideal shape you can before the trek Begin your experience healthy

Drink loads of water – more than you feel you have to

Eating is imperative – eating regimen ought to be high in starches and protein

Comprehend the idea of elevation acclimatization – relax for the initial few days and do whatever it takes not to overexert Recognize and never disregard the indications of height sickness – approach your guide for more subtle elements

Every one of our agendas are composed with simple days toward the begin with some turning out to be additionally testing towards the end, after acclimatization has happened.

Happiness Holiday Vacation in Bhutan

There are no statutory necessities unless you are touching base from a zone assigned as contaminated by cholera or yellow fever. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist for progressive data and in the event, that you are on any recommended pharmaceutical guarantee that you carry an adequate supply with you. As Bhutan is a remote nation we prompt that all visitors beyond 60 a year old or with a previous condition counsel their specialist about their venture arranges.

TRAVEL INSURANCE It is a condition for entering Bhutan that you convey confirmation of travel protection to cover medicinal and individual mishap dangers (counting repatriation costs, air emergency vehicle and helicopter safeguard administrations) and that you additionally take out cancelation protection. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that a few approaches confine scope or don’t cover go to Bhutan and may not cover exercises, for example, trekking and mountain biking.


The Bhutanese unit of coin is the Ngultrum and 1Nu = 100 Chetrum. The Ngultrum is pegged to the estimation of the Indian Rupee and on 25/10/2011 was justified regardless of the accompanying:

1 $US = 49.78 Nu              1 UK£ = 79.57 Nu             1 Euro = 69.37 Nu            1 $Sing = 39.35 Nu           1 Jap Yen = 0.65 Nu

Progressively organizations in Bhutan acknowledge Visas and there are outside cash trade administrations at a few lodgings and banks in addition to there are currently ATMs for guests’ utilization in Paro and Thimpu. It is prescribed that for miscellaneous items, beverages and gifts, past the capital that visitors convey a mix of trade or explorers looks at US Dollars and a charge card (AMEX card holders can encounter troubles).

Additional EXPENSES and SPENDING MONEY as Guides Of Bhutan offers comprehensive bundles, aside from additional exercises, beverages, tips, fundamental things and gifts, there is little else to spend your cash on. The selection of keepsakes is enhancing and incorporates materials, wooden painstaking work, artistic creations, petition banners, supplication wheels, supplication globules and extremely vivid stamps. Paro Market day is each Sunday and Thimpu Market (with its broad handiwork and ancient rarity area) opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Guests are encouraged to be mindful when buying old and utilized things. Traditions powers won’t permit any old/utilized things to be removed from the nation in the event that they have not been confirmed as non-collectible. In the event that you are uncertain please approach your guide for counsel.

Tips This is an absolutely individual matter as there is no custom of tipping in Bhutan obviously, any tips as money or outside apparel or apparatus are constantly extremely generally welcomed – giving, obviously, the level of administration you get is deserving of some extra reward.

Helpful INFO of BHUTAN Vacation

BUSINESS HOURS Saturday is the week by week three day weekend for all Government Offices and a few shops are shut however in the private segment the day away from work is Sunday. It would be ideal if you take note of that the National Museum is shut on Sundays and Mondays.

TOBACCO Bhutan has turned into world to ban the sale and consumption (in public) of tobacco. While guests can at present acquire cigarettes for their own particular utilize the things will pull in an obligation of 200%. Smoking in broad daylight ought to be kept away from.

Aides of Bhutan – Inspiring and Uplifting Adventures in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Web ACCESS Bhutan’s availability is enhancing by the day, with most PDAs working and remote associations accessible in Tourist Class lodgings however this reduces as you move eastwards past Punakha.

ELECTRICITY 220 volts AC from clean Hydro Electric plants. If you don’t mind pack an all-inclusive fitting connector as the kind of electrical attachments fluctuates the nation over.

LOCAL TIME Bhutan is 10 hours in front of New York, 6 hours in front of Greenwich Meantime with no light sparing, 30 minutes in front of India, 1 hour behind Thailand and 2 hours behind Tokyo.


Dzongkha is Bhutan’s legitimate dialect and there are incalculable lingos. Because of his Majesty the fourth King’s instruction strategy, English is broadly talked in shops and inns.

FOOD of Bhutanese dishes are rich and zesty with a lot of cheddar and bean stew. Do attempt the national dish called Ema Datse whose hotness can be decreased to guests’ tastes. Most visitors adhere to the Chinese, mainland or Indian food that is served in eateries and lodgings. There are dependably veggie lover alternatives in addition to momos (Tibetan dumplings) and mushrooms are served in plenitude (Bhutan is celebrated for delectable matsutake and chanterelle mushrooms).

CULTURAL ETIQUETTE All Bhutanese have a profound regard for religion, their senior citizens and the government. Their traditions are unpredictable and not effectively comprehended in a short visit to the nation however a decent general guideline is to take after fitting Western benchmarks of civility. Here are a few focuses to recall:

In the event that you might want to photo a Bhutanese individual, please ask them first


From   To   Distance Drive Time
Bagdogra (India)   Phuentsoling   170km 4hrs 30min
Phuentsoling   Paro   111km 5hrs 30min
Paro   Thimpu   65km 50min
Thimpu   Punakha   77km 3hrs 30min
Punakha   Wangdi Phodrang   13km 45min
Wangdi Phodrang   Trongsa   129km 4hrs 30min
Wangdi Phodrang   Gangte   65km 2hrs 30min
Trongsa   Bumthang   68km 2hrs 30min
Bumthang   Mongar   198km 7 hrs
Mongar   Lhuntshi   76km 3 hrs
Mongar   Trashigang   90km 4hrs
Trashigang   Chorten Kora   52km 1hr 30min
Trashigang   Samdrup Jongkhar   180km 6hrs 30min
travel map of Bhutan

travel map of Bhutan


Bhutan lies at an indistinguishable scope from Miami in the US so expect a lot of daylight – to be sure Bhutan is really a year-round goal for guests. The fluctuating elevations of the valleys in the Kingdom make for various microclimates eg. the low Punakha valley (1,200m) appreciates a sub-tropical atmosphere though the higher Gangte valley (2,900m) encounters solidifying temperatures all through the winter.

SPRING and AUTUMN (March to May and September to November)

Warm days and cool evenings (max 24ºC: min 2ºC), some shot of rain – Camping Trek Seasons (solidifying temps at high camps)

SUMMER (June to August)

Hot days and soothing evenings (max 26ºC: min 14ºC), shot of rain – Best Time for Flowers and Birdlife

WINTER (December to February)

Fresh, clear sunny days and cool dry evenings (max 20ºC: min – 4ºC) some shot of snow – Best Time for Mountain Views

Readiness and PACKING

Gear and CLOTHING As you can see the climate in Bhutan is not as outrageous as one may think, even in winter. Notwithstanding your ordinary every day garments, for our general undertakings (please observe the pressing records for overnight treks and full biking visits on the schedules), may we propose the accompanying things to carry with you:

Fundamental little rucksack; warm coat; solid boots or shoes with great soles; waterproof coat; shades; warm cap; sunhat; sunscreen; all-inclusive fitting connector; water bottle.

Suggested shorts for cycling and strolling; burn; bug repellent; lip ointment; wet wipes; inflatable pad for flights and auto ventures; iPod or comparative; earplugs; individual emergency treatment pack and an adequate supply of any solution you are taking. It is likewise prudent to pack a few treats from home like muesli bars, gloves and maybe warm clothing for winter nights and an extra battery for your camera. Photos or postcards of your town, home and family to show aides and local people dependably go down well.

Strolling CONDITIONS Our strolls and treks are for the most part on set up journey and town trails utilized by local people and ministers, and there are no especially troublesome segments, albeit a portion of the trails are steep and rough and can be sloppy and tricky after rain. Boots with lower leg support are prescribed and Guides Of Bhutan can supply strolling sticks. Any sensibly fit individual will altogether appreciate the strolls we have created in addition to riding horses can once in a while be employed for certain harder climbs. Your guide conveys additional mineral water, snacks and a far-reaching mountain medical aid unit at all times.

BIKING CONDITIONS Guides of Bhutan offer a scope of both on-street touring and go dirt road romping biking outings to suit all interests, capacities and time limitations. Our group has spearheaded many bicycle courses including anything from freewheeling down calm nation paths and wide homestead tracks for an evening, to epic multi day single-track difficulties. We have a scope of KONA and Trek mountain bicycles, head protectors and gloves so on the off chance that you are keen on biking with us please educate us regarding your tallness as quickly as time permits to secure a bicycle of your size. Your guide conveys additional mineral water, snacks, toolbox, imperative extras and a far-reaching mountain medical aid unit at all times and vehicle support is given wherever conceivable.

TRANSPORT and ROAD CONDITIONS Depending on the span of your gathering, for exchanges and visits we utilize little private minibusses and 4 x 4 vehicles, for example, Land Cruisers dependably with an assigned, experienced driver. There is not a solitary activity light in the whole nation and when all is said in done the all around voyaged streets around Paro and Thimpu are in great condition – there is even a twofold path thruway into the capital at this point. Far from the primary streets in the west you can anticipate that up will 17 twists for each kilometer lessening normal rates to somewhere around 30 and 50 kmh with falling apart street surfaces.


All Guides Of Bhutan Adventure Packages incorporate the accompanying components in the cost :

Bhutanese Government Visa Fees

Bhutanese Government Taxes and Royalties

Comprehensive of 10% Government deals impose and benefit charge at lodgings

Settlement on a full board premise all through (barring refreshments)

The selective administrations of an accomplished, English-speaking, Government-authorized, Buddhist, Guide of Bhutan Entry allows and expenses to all sanctuaries, historical centers and religious communities recorded in the schedule

Private transport all through including airplane terminal exchanges

All secretly guided visits and exercises included in your schedule (unless an extra charge is expressed) Complimentary mineral water on all outings

Bundle PRICE Guides Of Bhutan offers comprehensive bundles to suit a scope of spending plans and guidelines of convenience with standard gathering rates beginning from US$275 (approx UK£170) per individual every day to elite tailor made extravagance enterprises from US$550 (approx UK£345) per individual every day.


Settlement For our standard undertakings Guides Of Bhutan have chosen all around found, agreeable, to some degree provincial however enchanting traveler class lodgings and can likewise mastermind a night in a town house in specific areas. For the extravagance alternative we utilize the incredible Uma Paro, Uma Punakha, Taj and Aman five star inns and can blend and match measures of convenience to suit, for instance a few visitors want to sprinkle out on a touch of extravagance for their last night or two..

Individual INFORMATION If you have any extraordinary dietary solicitations, prior restorative conditions or fears in addition to any unique interests or vital festivals while you are with us please told us at time of booking.

Extra ACTIVITIES Throughout your stay you have the choice to take an interest in a scope of additional open air exercises (white water rafting, biking, hot stone shower and so forth) at an extra charge. Aides Of Bhutan additionally offers a full, proficient and educated bespoke administration for gatherings or people with a specific end goal to tailor an enterprise to their exceptional advantages, capacities, wishes and needs.


Air Tickets Passport

Visa for Bhutan

Duplicate of Travel Insurance record Cash as well as Travelers’ Checks

Recommended READING LIST


Fortunes of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Queen of Bhutan A charming mix of individual diary, history, old stories and travelog

Past the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan by Jamie Zeppa

Zeppa’s entrancing record of her time as a volunteer teacher in Bhutan

The Blessings of Bhutan (A Latitude 20 Book) by Russ and Blyth Carpenter

An individual and entrancing arrangement of expositions about the creators’ encounters and comprehension of Bhutanese life

As one of only a handful couple of Americans to have lived in Bhutan, Leaming offers an uncommon look into the particular mountain kingdom


The information in these notes is given in good faith, and covers the average range of conditions likely to be found on this trip. In remote destinations abnormal conditions can prevail at any time, and all adventurous holidays can therefore be subject to unexpected changes; in order to enjoy them we request that you be prepared to be flexible where necessary.

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